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The Art of Video

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Keywords: Flip Video, dance
Subject(s): Drama, Music, Video
Grade 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: Saluda River Academy for the Arts, West Columbia, SC
Planned By: Kayla Jennings
Original Author: Kayla Jennings, West Columbia
Materials: notes on Yvonne Rainer, picture of Rainer's "The Mind is a Muscle" or other appropriate picture, white board and markers, video camera, computer, Lycra band sewn end to end, CD player and music CD, rubric

Objectives: The students will be able to (1) create a storyboard that incorporates different camera angles to enhance the meaning and effect of a 16 count movement phrase on video and (2) apply the methods of Yvonne Rainer, a post-modern dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker, by improvising movement and enhancing the movement by using different camera angles in a 16 count dance video.

Day 1:
(1) The teacher will guide the students through a contact improvisation exercise.
(2) Displaying the Lycra band, the teacher will discuss safety guidelines for using the band.
(3) Teacher will instruct students to grab hold of the Lycra band and stretch it out into a circle.
(4) From this position, the teacehr will lead the students in a few activities: lifting it up high and back down, lifting it up high and going up and under to get on the inside of the bad, walking in a circle.
(5) After having the students sit down, the teacher will discuss how Yvonne Rainer used film and different props to create choreography at the Judson Dance Theater, and show a picture of Rainer's "The Mind is a Muscle." They will discuss the details of the picture.
(6) The teacher will ask the students to brainstorm different angles they could use to video a dance using the Lycra band (list ideas on board).
(7) The teacher will explain that the students will be videoed doing an improvisation with the Lycra band, using different camera angles suggested by the students.
(8) After the danchas ended, students will sit in a circle and describe the dance they just created.
(9) The teacher will show the video of their dance, and have students evaluate tha angles that were used.

Day 2:
(1) After leading the class in a warm-up, the teacher will review the idea of dance and video and the use of different camera angles to enhance the meaning of a dance.
(2) The teacher will explain the day's assignment:
a. In small groups, the students will create a storyboard for a dance that will be videoed. It must include 3 different camera angles. The dance will take place outside, so the students must also decide on the exact location.
b. Once the storyborad is completed, the students will create a 16 count phrase to use in their dance videos.
(3) The teacher will supervise and assist with group work.

Day 3:
(1) After a warm-up, students will work with their groups to complete their storyboard adn/or 16 count phrase if needed.
(2) The teacher will give a video camera to ech group and explain how to handle the camera properly and how to operate the camera.
(3) The class will go out side and begin videoing their dances using different camera angles.

Day 4:
(1)The teacher will review Yvonne Rainer and explain how to evaluate a dance.
(2) Students will watch their dance videos and discuss how the differetn camera angles and locations affected the meaning of the dance.

Assessment Rubric:
Excellent -Neat and organized; contains a variety of shots and camera angles
Good - Includes a variety of shots and camera angles, but is unorganized
Satisfactory - Includes very few shots and camera angles
Needs Improvement - Completed board was not turned in

16 count dance phrase:
Excellent - Has sense of completeness with 16 or more counts
Good - Dance includes 16 counts
Satisfactory - Dance include fewer than 16 counts of movement and lacks a sense
of completeness
Needs Improvement - Dance includes less than 8 counts of movement and lacks a
sense of completeness

Creativity/Dance elements:
Excellent - Includes a variety of movement, levels, pathways, and formations
Good - Includes some different movements, levels, formations
Satisfactory - Includes little variety of movement, changes levels only once and
stays in the same formation
Needs Improvement - Focuses on one type of movement and stays on same
level in the same formation

Use of Location:
Excellent - Incorporates the location into the dance and camera perspective in a
unique and creative manner
Good - Incorporates the location into the dance video in a unique manner
Satisfactory - Attempts to incorporate the location into the dance video
Needs Improvement - Video does not incorporate location into video

Materials: Flip Video