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Create and Respond to a Music Video

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Keywords: Make a Music Video!
Subject(s): Music
Grades 4 through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Van Buren Moody Elem School, Middletown, CT
Planned By: Charlotte Soja
Original Author: Charlotte Soja, Middletown
Digital Wish Grant

Charlotte Soja
General Music K-5

Van Buren Moody School
300 Country Club Rd.
Middletown, CT 06457

Dear Digital Wish,

I am submitting this grant proposal for a Digital Camcorder for my school. We currently have no digital camcorder and I feel that my students could greatly benefit from having this technology available for music lessons and music performances. I am submitting a sample music lesson plan where I would use a digital camcorder to record student performances and then have the students respond to details of the performance; evaluating themselves and others.

Thank you for your time and for your generous support that you give to many teachers and students.


Charlotte Soja
Music, Van Buren Moody School

GRADE 5 UNIT : Make a Music Video!
Be a Performer. Be a respectful Audience. This is a student run project.

• Demonstrate respect for performances both on and off the stage
• Understand proper concert etiquette as both a performer and audience member
OBJECTIVE(s) (Students will be able to:)
• Demonstrate their ability to sing and perform to an audience, listen as an audience member, respond to a performance.
• Practice proper Performance etiquette.
• Create a ‘Music Video’ using a familiar song, props, dance moves.
• Sing alone and with others
• Evaluating Music and Performances
• Perform
• Respond
• The teacher will introduce the Unit for Creating a Music Video.
• The teacher will discuss the rules of creating this music video which
- Students must choose a familiar song to sing and perform
- Students must create movement for this song
- Students must create hand made props to include in the video
- Students will be recorded on Video
- Students must watch and respond to their own music video along with
other videos from other classes with a response sheet.
• Students will choose a familiar song to sing and perform.
• Students will break into groups. Each group will be responsible for one
aspect of their Music Video. 1. Group to create dance and movement
for the song. 2. Group to create props from paper, markers and
music instruments. 3. Group to set up the room for the video.
• The groups will come together to learn their movement for the song and
incorporate the props.
• The teacher will then use the Digital Camcorder to record the music
video performance.
• The teacher will then plug in the Camcorder to the TV and have
students watch and respond to their own performance. They will
answer the following questions:
- After watching your Video, what part of the performance came out the
best? Why?
- Did you notice someone in the Music Video that was performing really
well? What were they doing that made them stand out as a great
- Did you notice any part of the performance that did not sound/look
good? What part? Why do you think it didn’t look/sound good?
- What would you do different if you could make the video again?
• Students will then have the opportunity the following week to watch
other performances from other classes and Respond to their Music

• Digital Camcorder
• Evaluation forms
• Music for performance and props used
Students will be assessed on their ability to actively participate in the performance either through planning, recording, or assisting performers. Students are also expected to respectfully watch other performances that were recorded and complete an evaluation form detailing their response.

• Advanced – Students will have the opportunity to perform a solo or
play an instrument during the performance.
• Intervention- Students unable to perform or those that would have
difficulty performing can assist in recording, setting up the room and
coloring props.


The teacher will reflect on the lesson after all the videos are complete and students have responded to other performances.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
A camcorder can be used in cross curriculum lessons in History. Students that are creating projects on a historical figure that is related to music can use a camcorder to relate to two topics visually.
Follow up activities can include more music performances with response. And perhaps creating a song song and video to upload on our school website.
Materials: Hi-Def Camcorder