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Women and the Right to Vote

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Keywords: 19th Amendment, women, vote, Suffrage, Flip Camera,
Subject(s): Civics, Social Studies, History
Grades 7 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Altar Valley Middle School, Tucson, AZ
Planned By: Georgine Woodley
Original Author: Georgine Woodley, Tucson
Ancipatory Set
Think about a time when you had no say about something that would affect you. It could be school or something at home. Turn to your pod mate and tell them how you felt about it and whether you were able to do anything about it or did you just accept it?

Objective (AZ State Standard and P.O.)

Strand 1 - American History
PO 6. Describe the following Progressive Reforms that resulted from the Industrial Revolution:
b.Womenís Suffrage
Strand 3 - Civics and Government
Concept 4: Rights, Responsibilities, and Roles of Citizenship
PO 5. Describe the impact of Constitutional Amendments and laws (i.e., Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twenty-first Amendments, Jim Crow Laws, Black Codes, Dawes Act) that came about during the historical time periods studied.

Why it is important
Change can not happen unless someone chooses to take a stand and have a voice that will not be silenced. Women fought for change and were not willing to be put on the shelf. Both men and women need to be able to speak up for things they believe will make changes in the world today.

TASK Analysis
Learnings (Information)
1. Know the role that women in American Society historically played.
2. How women fought for suffrage.
3. What gave women the right to vote (finally).
4. Students will gain insight that the fight for the 19th Admendment was also a fight for justice and that justice and equality are concepts that should extend to everything.

Teacher Strategies (modeling, examples, materials, etc)
1. PowerPoint Presentation lesson.
2. Pictures of women Suffrage.
3. Teacher will provide an example of a school rule for teachers that she believes should be changed in the school (i.e. no jeans).
4. Teacher will model her proposed changed and how she plans to go about affecting the change to gain justice and equality for teachers.

Behaviors (active participation)
1. Note taking sheets which mirror the presentation.
2. Use a video camera to interview women in your family( or other women you might know) about the fight for suffrage. Ask questions that will help you assess how far women have come since the 20's 30's, 40ís, or even the 50's.
3. With a partner write a proposal to change a school rule that could be presented to those who are in control of changing policies. Make sure to include how you would go about affecting that change. Be specific.
4. The student will create a PowerPoint which incorporates their family interview with their own idea for affecting change in the community or the school.

Teacher Demonstration
The Instructor will display her proposed policy change in the language of the 19th amendment.. She will have a copy of the 19th Amendment available for students to use as a visual aid. The teacher will have a video interview with someone born in the 20's or 30's.

Guided Practice
As students work on PowerPoints, the teacher will monitor, assess and give feedback.

Closure: Class wrap-up
On a sheet of paper the student will explain how they could affect change without being able to vote.

Homework (Independent work)
Students will sign out a camera so that they can complete their interview
The students will use a flip camera to interview women in their family (or other women they know) about the changes they have seen for women in their lifetimes, and what changes they still believe need to be accomplished.
Students work well with technology and grasp concepts quicker when they can tie the learning to reality.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This would be a great language arts lesson plan. Could be modified for a gifted program.
Presentation of the family videos during a family night at your school.
Materials: Social Studies, Flip Video
Other Items: 10 Flip Video Cameras, $139.00 each, total of $1390.00