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Facebook: The Developers of the Atomic Theory

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Keywords: science, atomic theory, atoms, scientists
Subject(s): Physics, Chemistry, Science
Grades 8 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Research and Information Fluency
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School: Michigan Center Jr Sr High Sch, Michigan Ctr, MI
Planned By: Kathleen Cramer
Original Author: Kathleen Cramer, Michigan Ctr
Scientific Figure Facebook Project

The purpose of the project is to create a Facebook page on one of the developers of the atomic theory. (Aristotle, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, James Chadwick, or Bohr) Use this sheet to complete your research before you begin constructing the page and finding pictures. You may use the provided templates to construct your profile and wall or if youíre adventurous you can use the website called My Fake Wall (http://www.myfakewall.com/) Click on the different areas and add the information required. Itís pretty straightforward.

Create a Facebook page for a historical figure using the following guidelines:

Name of scientific figure at the top of the page

1 Profile Picture of your historical figure

Information Corner/Basic Information
Relationship Status
Current City (Hometown)

Friends Corner:
4 pictures of people that are/would be friends with your figure. Friends do not need to be from the chosen figures time period. Friends may also be fictional and/or other famous people. (i.e. Bill Nye the Science Guy, Einstein)

The Wall
Write 6 significant facts on The Wall. These facts need to highlight important events that your historical figure is famous for, specifically the atomic theory. Each comment must be about a separate event and include the date. The comment can be from your figure or from someone associated with your figure. (use the back of this sheet to write these)

Personal Information: (At least 3) - try to relate to the character's personality
Favorite Music
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Books

Contact Information: (You may need to make this up!)
Phone Number: (country codes can be looked up on the internet)
Email address

Links: Link to My Fake Wall
Materials: Internet Services, Web Page, Word Processor, Flash/USB Drives, Short Throw Projectors, Student Resources