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New Version of the Story Claymation Movies

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Keywords: animation, claymation
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Animation
Grades 7 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: Deer Creek Middle School, Littleton, CO
Planned By: Pam Farris
Original Author: Pam Farris, Littleton
1. DVD Extras- Write down 2 interesting facts you learned from each segment
1. Corpse Bride: “The Animators”(8 min),
2. Corpse Bride: “Making Puppets Tick”(8 min)
3. Wallace and Grommit “DWK: Build a Bunny”(5 min)

2. Brief Synopsis of 3 Stories from the chart below in at least 2 sentences each
HONORS- Do 3 Old Classic Stories not listed here

Frankenstein Headless Horseman Boy Who Cried Wolf Cinderella Alice in Wonderland
Three Blind Mice Tortoise and the Hare Snow White Little Red Riding Hood The Ugly Duckling
Pinocchio Moby Dick Little Mermaid Itsy Bitsy Spider Wizard of Oz
Medusa David and Goliath Sword in the Stone Robin Hood Prince and Pauper
Humpty Dumpy Beauty and the Beast Three Little Pigs Beowulf Jack and Jill

3. Write down at least 5 Steps to making a Claymation movie
HONORS- Do in sentences

4. Choosing a Claymation Group
• 1 Person is the Drawer (will draw the storyboard + generally help)
• 1 Person is the Sculptor (will create the clay characters + generally help)
• 1 Person is the Techie (will do computer work+ take pictures + generally help)
• If someone is absent, the rest of the group will have to do their job

5. Choosing a classic old story from Question #2 to change
Can choose from the above list or come up with a classic old story that isn’t listed
Please avoid anything that has copyright (Toy Story, Star Wars, Shrek, Nightmare Before Christmas, Simpsons, etc.)
Figure out with your group how you are going to create a new version of the story

6. Fill out an Claymation Project information slip for your group and give to the Teacher

7. Storyboard your story
• At least 10 index cards used
• Drawer- Draws the idea with background and word bubbles
• Sculptor + Techie- Color it in with colored pencils
• Show Mrs. Farris

8. Build your set, characters, props, etc.
• Sculptor- Builds characters out of oil-based clay
• Drawer + Techie- Builds set, props, etc.
• Can bring in items from home
• Show Mrs. Farris

9. Take at least 100 pictures
• Techie- Takes the pictures
• Drawer + Sculptor- Move the clay parts only Ľ “ per picture
• Tape box to table, set up yardstick and tripod
• Download to one folder in the Techie person’s log-in

10. Make into a movie- Open in “Frames” and follow the instructions by the computer monitors
11. Grade Yourself (each person fills out their own grade sheet)- See the Teacher to be graded
Materials: Point and Shoot, Short Throw Projectors, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards, CDs and DVDs, Cables, Power, Keyboards, Mice, Animation
Other Items: 11 Frames Software from Tech4Learning Educational Bulk License, $38 each, total of $418.00