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Finding Your NOOK (TM) in the Classroom

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Keywords: classroom, technology, apps, NOOK
Subject(s): Biology, Information Skills, Earth Science, Animation, Special Needs, Life Science, Podcasting, Video, Science, Chemistry, Physics
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Norris High School, Firth, NE
Planned By: Cindy Larson-Miller
Original Author: Cindy Larson-Miller, Firth
I use Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum® in my 9th grade science and advanced biology courses at Norris High School in Firth, Nebraska. Within this curriculum, students have the opportunity to choose the activities they want to complete in order to demonstrate their understanding of specific learning objectives (See a sample learning unit below). Each unit is different but in each unit there are multiple choices that match different learning preferences. For example, a student may choose to design a lab to test his or her idea of the permeability of a cell membrane. The student would be able to use the ColorNOOK to locate digital resources or read supplemental materials. Another student might choose to listen to a current podcast to listen to a review of the cell membrane before continuing on with his or her exploration or read the selected text on the ColorNOOK. The opportunities to use a ColorNOOK in the classroom are seemingly endless and ever-expanding. We are only limited by our creativity and willingness to explore. My students and I have plenty of both. We appreciate digitalwishlist.com for providing us with a venue in which to potentially fund our technology creativity!

Sample Layered Curriculum® Learning Unit:
Adapted for my classroom from Kylie Penke, Oakland- Craig Public Schools
__________________________________ Class Period _____________________ Due Date ___________

Total Points for Unit _____________/100 + Points

Cell Transport & Reproduction

Layer C: Basic Understanding, 50 points. Complete this layer before beginning Layer B.

10 pts _____ 1. Lecture #1 and graphic organizer for notes

10 pts _____ 2. Read the assigned section #1 and provide a brief synopsis of what you read

5 pts ______ 3. Vocabulary: Study the vocab words below and prepare a way to show me that you know the words.

Osmosis Isotonic Solution Hypotonic Solution Hypertonic Solution

Passive Transport Facilitative Diffusion Active Transport Endocytocis


5 pts ______ 4. Cell Concept Map

5 pts ______ 5. Osmosis Basic Concepts Worksheet

5 pts ______ 6. Active Transport vs. Passive Transport Worksheet

10 pts _____ 7. Lecture #2 and graphic organizer for notes

10 pts _____ 8. Read the assigned section #2 and provide a brief synopsis of what you read

5 pts _______ 9. Vocabulary: Study the vocab words below and prepare a way to show me that you know the words.

Chromosome Chromatin Sister Chromatid Centromere Centriole Spindle Cell Cycle Mitosis Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cytokenesis

5 pts ______ 10. Mitosis Worksheet

5 pts ______ 11. Cell Computer Games.

Layer C: Quiz, 20 points. Must be mastered (at least 18 points earned) before beginning layer B.

Layer B: Application/Analysis, 15 points. Complete this layer before beginning Layer A.

5 pts ______ 19. Create a v,isual, comparing simple diffusion, passive diffusion and active transport.

10 pts ______ 20. Potato Lab. See how osmosis can affect the size of the potato. Observe the potato in hypertonic and hypotonic solutions. See worksheet for materials, procedure and questions to answer.

5 pts _______ 21. Create a small color poster depicting each stage of mitosis. Be sure to label is happening in each stage.

10 pts ______ 22. Be the Teacher. This is your chance to be the teacher by making a worksheet and answer key based on cells. Be sure to incorporate at least 3 different types of questions (T or F, fill-in-the-blank, essay, crossword, etc). Each worksheet should have at least 20 questions. For 5 more points, partner with a friend and answer each other’s worksheets.

10 pts ______ 23. Observing Mitosis Under a Microscope. READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS!!! Answer questions 1-4. Please remember to clean up lab (leave slide on the microscope, shut light off and unplug microscope).

5-15 pts _____ 24. Other. Talk to me about your idea.

Layer A: Synthesis/Evaluation, 15 points

10 pts ______ 25. Research a specific type of cancer. Tell about the disease, its cause, how it is treated and what can be done to prevent it. The report should be at least 1 page in length. Add pictures, diagrams, etc for more points.

10 pts ______ 26. Create a Power Point, video, etc. with animations depicting interphase, each stage of mitosis and cytokenesis.

10 pts _____ 28. Review Game. Create a game that will help you and potentially others to prepare for the exam. Talk to me about your idea.

5-15 pts____ 29. Other. Create your own project or research question and design. Talk to me about your idea.

Links: Link to Layered Curriculum
Link to B&N ColorNOOK
Materials: Bags and Cases, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 1 Color NOOK case, $29.95 each, total of $29.95
1 Barnes and Noble Color NOOK - Reader's Tablet, $249.00 each, total of $249.00
1 Color NOOK clear-screen film kit, $16.95 each, total of $16.95