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Keywords: Student Participation, Math, Classroom Management, Small Groups, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Inspired Classroom, Interactive Boards
Subject(s): Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading
Grade K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Mimosa Elementary School, Roswell, GA
Planned By: S. Gumbs
Original Author: S. Gumbs, Roswell
Opening Activity: Sign-in to class and select lunch choice using the Interactive Board and Pen.

Calendar Math: Student conducts Calendar Math lesson using the Interactive Board and Pen. Teacher monitors class from around the room and controls the Interactive Board from the Interactive Slate.
Students answer multiple choice questions about the Calendar Math lesson using their Student receivers.

Throughout the day, the teacher and students use the Interactive Board and the Interactive Slate to access a Random Name Selector to call on students. (Instead of picking student names out of a hat, teacher/students can use a teacher-created document with the interactive pen/eraser tool to select student names that are "hiding" in various pictures)

Reading/Language Arts Groups:

Teacher Group: Teacher utilizes the Interactive board and Digital Storytelling to create a story using students' illustrations. Students contribute beginning, middle and end elements. Students use Interactive receivers to answer story element questions (character, setting, comprehension, etc.).

Independent Student Group1: In conjunction with a listening station and a student computer, students are taking turns on educational websites such as starfall.com, pbskids.com, etc.

Independent Student Group2: Teacher has utilized a webcam to pre-record directions on how to complete a Center activity. The video has been downloaded to Student Computer 2 and students play the video to receive directions on what to do in that center. Students can play the video as many times as they need to in order to obtain clarification.

Independent Student Group 3: Teacher has utilized a webcam to pre-record directions on how to complete a Center activity. The video has been downloaded to Student Computer 3 and students play the video to receive directions on what to do in that center. The video can be replayed for continuous clarfication.

Assistant Teacher Group: The Assistant Teacher is utilizing the iPad with the students who don't know how to use a mouse or who just need more support. Students can use the touchscreen capabilities of the iPad to access the same educational websites, vocabulary development software, or teacher created lessons.

Teacher sets up the webcam to provide a live feed onto the interactive board.
The camera is directed at the Demonstration Table, in which the teacher uses manipulatives to model math concepts such as patterns, sorting, addition, subtraction, etc. The use of live feed eliminates the "I Can't See!" complaints that many Kindergarten students have! Students can also model how to complete an activity using the webcam's live feed and the demonstration table, thus allowing the teacher to walk around and assist other students.
This can also be done with Science lesson and experiments.

Social Studies:
Teacher uses the interactive board to access Discovery Learning online to teach geography, holidays, community workers, etc. Students can use their Student receivers to vote, answer comprehension questions and stay involved in class activities.

Our Inspired Classroom: Oh, the places we will go.....!
I already have access to an iPad and after taking the Inspired Classroom training, the presenter gave each participant a webcam for the classroom! Our classroom already has 3 student computers with wifi access. We are in need of the core technology components to put it all together!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
My lesson plan has demonstrated how to incorporate technology into all the subject areas as well as classroom management, assessment and student participation.
After students have become familiar with technology in the classroom, we can begin to explore teacher created portals, classroom blogs, and submitting projects and activities onto classroom wikis.
Links: Link to my portaportal
Link to my classroom wiki
Link to Inspired Classroom
Materials: Whiteboards
Other Items: 1 SMART Response System with 24 remotes
1 SMARTBoard with projector, $3299 each, total of $3299.00
1 SMARTSlate with wireless adaptor, $349 each, total of $349.00