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'Student Teaching'

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Keywords: Math, Public Speaking
Subject(s): Drama, Writing, Service Learning, Technology, Social Skills, Video, Photography, Information Skills, Math, English/Language Arts
Grade 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Coloma Middle School South, Coloma, MI
Planned By: Connie Rodriguez
Original Author: Connie Rodriguez, Coloma
*Students worked in pairs creating lesson plans, visuals (overheads and handouts), and worksheets for their 'students'.
*They went online to look for lesson plan templates, worksheets, what makes a good lesson presentation, and concept ideas. It was great listening to the students talk about what they were going to teach the class. (I had site suggestion/bookmarks)
*They were to pay close attention to their teachers while working on their lesson--organization of lesson, technology, behaviors, oral presentation, etc.
*The teams gave me what they wanted copied-I was the secretary, they made the decision on number of copies, having the answers, etc. (This was entertaining! Someone asked me if they had to check the work!)
*One period was given to brainstorm/computer time.
*One period for computer time/writing lesson plan/lesson presentation
*One period lesson writing/visual (either writing on overhead or planning what someone
would do on computer on their time)/practice).
*Last day of class time--finish anything need--sign up order of presentations. Length of less
lessons to be 20 minutes.

These class periods were not consecutive days and 'teaching' was also spread out. Some students chose names, some had accents, dressed up, and a few sat developed stage fright! Eventually, all 15 teams (30 students) taught. I was truly amazed. The 'students' responded well, probably knowing they were going to be up there soon. There were some impressive visuals, lesson plans, and obvious knowledge of concepts in the self-confidence that came across in many 'Student Teachers'.

*My only regret was not having the rechargeable battery pack for the Flip before taping. I lost a few presentations. This also was my first time doing this type of thing. I purchased it shortly after. A student suggested that if we had more than one Flip they could have them ready at different points in the room. Kind of like 'Lights, Camera, Action!' The students could then use more technology, tape the 'Student Teacher' as well as the 'Class', and get all the presentations.

*Since they were so interested and had so many ideas about filming the Teaching Project, I thought ---My next idea-- Geometry Around Us.. needing multiples Flips to film their peers in/around the school with geometric figures/architecture around them. They would then work on a slide show/presentation with this. I think they would enjoy this project--who doesn't love pictures/filming while capturing geometry around them?! Could be some real talent here! Not to mention social/technology experience.
Projects that get students involved in 'real-world' experiences raise their awareness of how math really does count, that they really can do it, and that self-confidence carries back to lessons. We just have to make sure we're able to enhance their learning from time to time with the activities that are essential to keep that spark---and have the materials.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Language Arts--Could journal write teaching experience. If received grant for multiple Flips, could write about their picture/video and geometry.
When all students had 'taught' they were asked to write an evaluation of their experience. It was to include a reflection on their performance, written lesson, visuals, how they worked as a team, etc. This was very interesting when it came to me assessing them. The class then watched the videos of 'Student Teachers'.
Materials: Middle, Batteries, Tripods, Video Tools, Wacom Tablets, Flip Video
Other Items: 1 Kodak Standard Video Mobile Lab Item #: 32150 , $2899.00 each, total of $2899.00