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Digital Decodable Books

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Keywords: Interactive visual tools, Sight Words, Digital book
Subject(s): Speech and Language, Special Needs, Technology, English/Language Arts
Grades K through 3
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Stewart Elementary School, Chicago, IL
Planned By: Smitha Chandran
Original Author: Smitha Chandran, Chicago
Objective: Creating decodable books using PowerPoint to improve speed and accuracy of sight word recognition. Self-made decodable books can be an engaging tool enabling and motivating students to produce meaningful work to their fullest potential.

1. Students will take photographs using a flip camera and/or collect other materials from their home or school environment
2. Students will then learn to make PowerPoint slides
3. Students will then type in sentences with sight words in PowerPoint
4. Students will record their voice in the power point and display in the general education classroom using a projector

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students will use the projector to work on daily practice problems in math. Create interactive visual tools using powerpoint to solve word problems in math.
Use flip camera to create image match to learn new vocabulary
Materials: Portable, Flip Video, Microphones
Other Items: 2 Microphone, $25.00 each, total of $50.00
1 Digital Projector, $800.00 each, total of $800.00
2 Flip Camera, $75.00 each, total of $150.00