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Keywords: Digital Portfolio
Subject(s): Social Studies, Photography, Writing, Technology, Social Skills, English/Language Arts, Geometry, Math
Grades K through 6
Original Author: Heidi Rushing, Windsor
The students in kindergarten and sixth grade will work together using The Tool Factory Workshop to create memories for the entire school year. The sixth grade students will help the kindergarten with field day, grade level parties, local field trips, learning computer applications, and the kindergarten field trip to The Children's Peace Pavilion in Independence, MO.

We will also document the kindergarten field trip to The Children's Peace Pavilion in Independence, MO. The sixth grader and the kindergarten students will explore daily relationships, will learn through personal experiences, and appreciate each other's differences. The older students will help the younger ones with the hands on activities as well as document the experiences with the digital cameras. The students will work together to create a scrapbook of this experience.

We will take pictures during the sixth grade field trip to the Renaissance Festival in Bonner Springs, Kansas in October. The students will create slide show presentations to present to the kindergarten class. They will use them to explain the class system as well as use them to explain the guild system.

We will use the cameras and software to create digital portfolios. The students will use the materials will working with our kindergarten buddies to help them also begin a digital portfolio to carry with them throughout their elementary time.

The sixth graders will also work in cooperative groups during math on a walking local field trip to photograph geometric shapes in the community. The groups will present their findings to the other groups. This will involve all 42 sixth grade students.

Students will use the software and cameras in English. They will take pictures of a subject of their own choosing to write an informative article to be used in creating a sixth grade newspaper for the elementary school. They will also use the materials for writing biographies and autobiographies. The students will interview local residents to learn personal as well as historical facts. They will use the cameras to document and preserve information. They will use word processing to record and present their findings.

Students will use the digital camera to create a class book of sounds for the emerging readers in the kindergarten. They will take pictures of everyday object with specific phonemic sounds and create a book for each of the three kindergarten classes to use.

Students will go on walking field trips to video tape animals in their natural habitat. They will also record information about things that affect the ecosystem. They will make persuasive presentations using this information.

They will also use the materials that they collect and create to redesign class web pages.
Materials: Word Processor, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot, Web Page, Slideshow
Other Items: 2 1/2" Binding Combs, 90 sheet capacity, black, pack of 100, $10.95 each, total of $21.90
1 Photo Papers, Premium Matte, 10.25 Mil, 8 1/2" x 11", $39.97 each, total of $39.97
3 Wausau Astrobrights Bright Color Paper Assortment, Ream of 500, 24 lb., Assortment #2 8 1/2" x 11", $11.14 each, total of $33.42
2 CDR Spindles 700MB/80 Minutes pack of 100, $34.99 each, total of $69.98
3 256MB xd picture card, $59.99 each, total of $179.97
2 school bus and driver for field trip, $150.00 each, total of $300.00
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