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Drawing Pictures

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Keywords: drawing
Subject(s): Technology, Art, Information Skills
Grades K through 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Henry T Gage Middle School, Huntington Pk, CA
Planned By: Paul Rallion
Original Author: Paul Rallion, Huntington Pk
1. Anticipatory Set
- Focus/Transfer: Most drawings used to be made by hand, now most are now done by computer. Drawing is a program used to make such drawings. How many of you have drawn a picture using a computer? What do you think are some advantages to using a computer to draw?
- Objective: Students will learn how to use Drawing.

2. Instruction
What is Drawing?
- Drawing is a program used to create simple shapes such as rectangles, circles, lines, and polygons. You can combine these shapes to create designs –such as a map or a quick sketch. A drawing is made of “objects” -separate elements such as rectangles, lines, and text, as well as paint and spreadsheet frames. An object has eight handles (eight dots around it) when you select it (click on it). These handles are used to resize the object. To move the object around, click and hold your mouse anywhere inside the object. You can make copies of your object by going to: Edit, and selecting Copy. Then go to Edit, and select Paste.

Using the Tool Panel:
- The tool panel contains icons that represent the tools used to work in Drawing. You use these tools to create, select, move, resize, and reshape objects. For a description of each tool just place your mouse over any icon.

- Check for understanding: Students will be asked questions:
- What can you create with Drawing? (rectangles, circles, lines, and polygons. You can combine these shapes to create designs –such as a map or a quick sketch.)
- What is a drawing made up of? (each drawing is made up of objects)
- How do you resize an object? (you click and hold one of the handles, and slide the mouse to resize the object).

3. Guided Practice
- Teacher reviews the concept of appleworks drawing, objects, handles, etc.
- Activity: Using Drawing, draw any sketch you want, as long as you use most of the tools from the tool bar. Your drawing must be educational, as if it were to be used on a school report. For this lesson, draw a school bus!

4. Closure
- Students take quiz on Computer Drawing.

5. Independent Practice
- Homework: Computer Drawing.

Source: My COMPUTeachER, The Computer Book for Everyone. Get your copy at www.PaulRallion.com

Materials: Authoring and Publishing, Art Tools, Computer Accessories