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When I Grow Up

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Keywords: Community Helpers, jobs, When I grow up
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Reading, Speech and Language, Drama, Writing, Technology, Video, Social Studies, Art, Information Skills
Grades P-K through 1
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Cracker Trail Elem School, Sebring, FL
Planned By: Sheli Gossett
Original Author: Sheli Gossett, Sebring
The student will write about what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up.
The student will illustrate him/herself in uniform or with tools related to that job.
The student will make an oral presentation explaining his/her job choice while being recorded on video.
The student will learn about a variety of community helpers, the tools they use and the job they perform.

1. The student will complete the writing pattern: using the pattern: "My name is___. I want to be a____ when I grow up. I will____." The student will write first name only, name of job and tell what he/she will do at that job.

2. Student writing will be scanned into computer or photographed with document camera then saved as a picture format in individual student folders on the computer for later use.

3. The student will research his/her job choice to learn more about the job. (I have students research the job after he/she writes so I can observe if what the student originally thinks changes. It adds to the entertainment value of the production).

4. The student will create an illustration of him/herself on a piece of white 18"x24" poster board with a life-size face shape (oval) cut-out in the center of about the top third of the poster board. Be sure to leave enough space for drawing hair and a hat above the oval. This is kind of like a full-body mask. While the student holds the poster board in front of them, with drawing side facing out, he/she peers through face cut-out.

5. The student will be recorded in video format while holding his/her poster up and peering through. The student will introduce him/herself, tell what they want to be when they grow up and how he/she will perform that job. A student can act as the videographer, a volunteer or teacher.

6. Videos will be uploaded to the computer. The teacher then edits the videos together along with the scanned written work in a program like Digital Storytelling or Tool Factory Movie Maker. Placing the written work first and the matching student video next creating one class video. Add an introduction to the beginning and credits at the end, using for example, video clips or Power Point slides saved in j-peg. Soft background music is a great touch or maybe you have a favorite community helper or "when I grow up" song the students can sing and record on video. Then add the class song performance before the credits at the end. The class can view the completed project and/or share with other classes. It can be shown on a school's closed network television or posted on a class website.
Invite various community helpers to speak to the class. Take field trips to places like a fire station, police station or grocery store to see community helpers in action. Be sure to video because all of these clips can be made into a creative movie too.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This activity integrates art, writing, reading, speaking, optional music, social studies and technology.
Once the video is complete copies can be made on DVD to send home with each student. The students can design case covers for the DVD's to add a personal touch. This makes a great gift to parents anytime.

Materials: Integrating Technology, Sound Libraries, Video Tools, Word Processor, Flash/USB Drives, Mice, Keyboards, Power, Cables, CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Batteries, Tripods, Hard Drives, Flip Video
Other Items: 1 Flip Video
1 Storage device such a a USB Flash Drive (optional)
20 DVD's and Cases
1 Document Camera
1 Scanner
1 Computer
20 Art materials: 18"x24" white poster board for each student, markers
1 Movie Maker software