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Sixth Grade - Quinceanera vs. Sweet 16

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Keywords: Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen, Mimio, compare and contrast
Subject(s): Foreign Language
Grade 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: Fuller Middle School, Framingham, MA
Planned By: Am Cecil Fuoti
Original Author: Am Cecil Fuoti, Framingham
As students walk in the door, they will be prompted to get three cups (red, yellow, green). There will also be a question projected with the Mimio. I will give them a minute or two to settle down, and then I’ll ask them to tell me what a similar celebration in the United States would be (a Sweet 16). Students will then be prompted to talk to a partner about the following topics (3-5 minutes). We will then discuss the answers as a class.
• List what you would see if you attended a Sweet 16.
• What do you think you would see if you attended a Quinceañera?
As we discuss the answers, I will write down our main discussion points on the Mimio.
I will then go into a “mini-lesson” that the students will have to take notes on. The lesson will be used to describe a Quinceañera for the class and will be the “informational” piece to the learning objectives. (5-10 minutes)
After the mini-lesson, I will hand out the worksheet (attached) that students are to complete during class with their partners. I will also remind students to use their colored cups if they need help.
I will use the colored cups to guide me to the “highest need” tables and I will ask those students to circle me so that I can re-teach or explain the concept further. If they need it, students with red cups will be re-taught the lesson. I will then go to the yellow cups tables to help them think of examples of their own birthday parties, to guide them into more compare and contrast examples. Students with green cups will be prompted to think about a birthday party for other people, so they can think outside of their own wants for a party. (10-15 minutes)
Students who have no trouble with the worksheet and finish early will be asked to go to another partner group and ask them if they can compare their answers. This will give both partnerships a different perspective and different examples of each category. If the partnership that has already finished has no other work, they can get started on the “wrap up” worksheet that will need to be finished for HW.
To end the lesson, I will have all students go back to their seats and project the homework sheet. I will make it clear that the homework will be collected tomorrow, and that they must begin during class. (3-5 minutes)
Materials: Video Tools, Foreign Language