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Photography Portrait Art Mural

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Keywords: Photography, Painting, Layout, Mural Arts, Art
Subject(s): Math, Special Needs, Technology, Photography, Art
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Walter D Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School, Philadelphia, PA
Planned By: Valerie Hill
Original Author: Valerie Hill, Philadelphia
Currently we are offering both Photography and Art I, II, and III at my school and both subjects within the same classroom. We have no budget for supplies and no cameras. It is my intention to acquire cameras and paints to start creating a mural that will fit into our Leadership and Social Justice theme that make up the school's charter.


Photography: SWBAT: Learn the working parts of a camera, be able to use design elements to create an interesting portrait within the frame of the camera that incorporates emotion and feeling.

Art: SWBAT: Use grids and proportion to recreate a portrait onto a larger surface, use paint and mixing techniques to paint a mural in a community space as a team, and learn how to delegate and work as a team within the leadership model to create a working mural.

1. Students will be paired with each other and will take portraits of each other in different settings outside of the school. They will show different ranges of emotion, and be aware of design elements and portraiture that they have learned about in photography class. (1 class period)

2. Students will print several images and collaborate with each other to decide which portraits are best, using their design skills. Together as a class, they will lay out images to create the basis for a mural. Objectvie of the mural: Leadership: Students will also have to collaborate to come up with a quote for the mural.
Activity: Make a List of Alphabetical Advice:
Accept Differences
Before you leap, Look
Consider others
Students will use these as ideas for their leadership quote...

3. Students will use computers to determine fonts, layout, and design for the mural. Once the mural is determined, we will discuss proportion, grid work, and mural design.

4. Students will use accurate measurements, plotting, and grids to recreate the final mural in the main access area of the school. They will them paint the mural using painting techniques learned in the art classroom.

The mural will inspire and motivate students to be involved in the art classroom as well as promote technology and creativity throughout the entire school. It will spark interest on all levels, and inspire our students to strive to new heights.

We have NO supplies and no budget for supplies, but have classes that require these materials. Please help!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
These activities promote hands on experiences that help students in math related activities as well as enhance reading and writing skills.
Students will eventually branch out into communities and paint murals in an effort to beautify low income neighborhoods and promote social justice.
Materials: Projectors, Digital Cameras, Printers
Other Items: 1 Printer
10 Digital Camera
1 Projector
Paint, Paint, and MORE Paint!