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Learning Character Concepts and Living With Character

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Keywords: Character concepts, military recognition
Subject(s): Information Skills, Art, Photography, Civics, Social Studies, Health and PE, Video, Spelling, Technology, Geography, Grammar, Journalism, Writing, Drama, History, Music, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades P-K through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Ferguson-Easley Elem School, Fayetteville, NC
Planned By: Carrianne McClellan
Original Author: Carrianne McClellan, Fayetteville
Students in grades P-K through 2 will work on class projects while students in 3 through 5 will work on both class projects and individual projects using clip art to enhance their products.

After reading fiction books, students will select the characters in their books that they want to use to promote any or all of the character concepts--responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, respect, caring and citizenship.

Using clip art students will design either of the following products: newsletters, stationary cards, CD or DVD cases, entries for the school's web site, or brochures. The artwork must depict the producer's opinion of the character in the book showing one or more of the pillar character concepts.

The product will then be shared with someone in the military or someone connected to the military to show that person that they are connected to us and that they live in our memories.

Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, Digital Cameras, Projectors, Hard Drives, Printers, Flash/USB Drives, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Social Studies, Books, Office Suite, Word Processor, Art Tools, Keyboarding, Inspiration, Authoring and Publishing, Web Page, Clip Art, Internet Services, Integrating Technology