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iPad for assisted communication!

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Keywords: Basic Skills, Alphabet, Social Skills, Communication
Subject(s): Social Skills, Autism, Early Learning, Special Needs, Math, English/Language Arts
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: Melvin G Millet Learning Ctr, Saginaw, MI
Planned By: Amy Winslow
Original Author: Amy Winslow, Saginaw
The iPad will be integrated into every area and component of our classroom. I will have various apps that support communication, choice making, social standards and cues, school readiness and basic skills, and much more. In my research and brief use of an iPad with my students I believe that the options are endless as to how to incorporate an iPad into my classroom.

Check In - I will have the app Writing Name and have each student "check in" for the day. This app provides varied ways for students to complete task.

Centers - During morning rotation I will have an iPad center station with two students. Students will have access to apps that support basic learning and school readiness skills. The high duration and frequency that app style games give these skills I believe my students will retain more knowledge. Tracking student progress of skills will be a lot easier as well. I will be able to differentiate student learning easily therefore making my teach time more effective and individualized.

Circle - Choice boards will provide student opportunities for students to communicate and better participate. With the iPad I will purchase the app "Communication by Gus". This app provides pictures that are paired for voice output to assist in choice making and more detailed communication. I will incorporate a choice board for every mini task within our circle routine. For example, weather, days of week, color, shape, and numbers. I will also have links to various songs that support various activities. Color songs are a favorite in our class. I will have the app "We watch" and have the color songs loaded so we can watch the video while sing! My students are very motivated by music and technology! I can not wait to incorporate an iPad daily into my classroom.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Incorporate individualized education plan goals and objectives. Believe you can use the iPad in every aspect of the classroom.
Extend learning in endless ways. Students could work for additional time with iPad to support good behavior choices.
Materials: Autism
Other Items: 1 iPad 3, $499. each, total of $499.00
1 itunes gift card (for application Communication by Gus), $100 each, total of $100.00