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Musical Instruments of the Orchestra

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Keywords: Musical Instruments, Orchestra, Families of Instruments, Instrumental Sounds, Pictures of Musical Instruments, Musicians and their instruments,
Subject(s): Music
Grades 3 through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Smoke Rise Elementary School, Stone Mtn, GA
Planned By: Arietha Lockhart
Original Author: Arietha Lockhart, Stone Mtn
Musical Instruments of the Orchestra General Music Lesson

Note: It will take more than one lesson to help the students get to the point of creating a digital media presentation. Some students may not have access at home and would need additional time during class to complete their projects.


6. Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.
8. Understanding relationships between music, the other arts and disciplines outside the arts.
9. Understanding music in relation to history and culture.


Students will explore the families of instruments and learn about the similarities and differences between them.

Students will listen to the sound of the various instruments.

Students will pick one instrument or family to find out more about it.

Students will create a digital project using the information they gather that can be
shared with others.

Resources: Computer or other web-based device, Internet, Power Point Presentation, Publisher, Movie Maker or other digital media resources, note taking checklist.

Introduce the idea of music instrument families by viewing the DVD Zin, Zin a Violin and more stories from Scholastic. It is a collection of music themed stories. Listen to the first story narrated by Aretha Franklin. Tell the students that the violin is part of the String family and that they will be exploring instruments in the String, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion families

1. Go to the browser Icon .

2. Visit www.dsokids.com

3. When the DSO Kid pops up Click on LISTEN and you will see BY INSTRUMENT click on it.

4. You will see a page that lists the Families of Instruments with a paragraph describing your instrument.

5. Find the instrument you want to listen to and click listen and read about the instrument or family.

6. You and your partner should use the information from this page to complete the following information blanks below.

7. Donít forget to click all of the sound buttons for each instrument and listen to its sound alone and with the orchestra .

8. Use the Power Point Presentation or other digital media program to create 3 informational slides or pages with the facts you gather about your instrument.

9. Be creative and add a picture ,video or find a sound file to add as

10. Save your work in the teacherís folder on the network or email it home.

11. After completing steps on the checklist,turn in your work by e-mail or saving it to my folder on the network.

12. You will have one week to complete the media project.

13. A copy of the grading rubric is at the bottom of the instruction page.



a. _________________ b.__________________ c._________________

d._____________ e.______________________


a.1 _______ 2._____ b.1_______ 2_______

c.1_______ 2_______ d.1_______ 2_______

e.1_______ 2________

3. PICK ONE INSTRUMENT YOU NAMED ABOVE ,CLICK ON IT AND GIVE THREE IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT IT BELOW: (include one fact that you think others may find interesting or unique)




4.Use this information page to design your digital project about one instrument or instrument family.

5. Answer the questions below. Put an X beside your answer and write your comments in the box at the bottom. Print copies of your MY INSTRUMENT information sheet and turn one in.

Partner Names ___________ and ______________ Date: ___________

1. Did you like this lesson about instruments? __Yes __No

2. Would you like to do more exploring on this page? __Yes __No

3. Did you think the lesson was easy? __Yes __No

We would like to learn more about:_________________________________________



90-100 = E
Completed all Work
Project shows creativity and many unique elements
Presentation was well rehearsed and smooth
Has Title Page/Slide with names, date, and subject
Has Reference Page/Slide with all references in the correct format
Project utilizes many aspects of Multi-Media Design
Project included all required elements with a separate slide featuring each task of the lessons
Project has no misspelled words or grammar errors
Met project deadline
+5 Each
Completed most work
Project has some unique features or elements
Presentation had few errors did not flow smoothly
Has Title/Page/Slide but is missing name, date or subject
Has Reference Page/Slide with most references in the correct format
Project utilizes most aspects of Multi-Media Design
Project included most required elements
Project has a one or two misspelled or misused words
Missed project deadline by 1 day

+3 Each
Completed some of the work
Project has one unique feature or element
Presentation was poorly executed
Has Title Page/Slide but only shows the subject or only the name and date
Does not cite all references in the correct format
Project utilizes few aspects of Multi-Media Design
Project included a few of the required elements
Project has many misspelled or misused words
Missed project deadline by 2-6 days

+1 Each
Completed some of the work. Is not accurate
Project does not show any unique features or elements
Presentation was not given
Does not have Title Page/Slide, name or subject
Does not cite any references
Project lacks Multi-Media Design or the project was not was not completed or attempted
Project included only one of the required elements
Project has grammar errors and most words were misspelled.
Missed project deadline by 7 or more days
My students have found this project to be an exciting one that allows them to focus on an instrument that interests them and allows their imaginations to take off as they describe their instrument in many different ways. If music software programs are available such as Finale students can use the computer to generate instrumental sounds. But there are lots of sites on the web that have photos, clip art and sound files available for student use in projects.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This project could also be used to enhance students creative writing skills. They could incorporate instruments into stories, commercials and they could interview musicians about how their instruments work.
The Questionnaire at the end of the lesson is a gauge of how the students feel about the project. If necessary at this point I can advise a student that needs a different path or more clarity about what their task is.

I also provide additional websites for the students to explore and possibly play music instrument identification games. I also encourage students to read stories with a music theme for elementary students
Links: San Francisco Symphony Kids
Free Music Sound Files for Projects
Free Music Instrument Photos
Activities to Promote Digital Media Literacy
Classics for Kids
Materials: Mobile Labs, Flash/USB Drives, Books, Games, Word Processor, Art Tools, Inspiration, Slideshow, Clip Art, Worksheets, Screen Capture, Animation, Video Tools, Sound Libraries, Midi Instruments, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 1 http://www.newvideo.com/scholastic/zin-zin-zin-a-violin-and-more-stories-for-young-musicians/, $14.95 each, total of $14.95