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Keywords: Cyber Safety, Digital Citizenship, Role Playing
Subject(s): Technology
Grades 6 through 9
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: Prairie Mountain , Eugene, OR
Planned By: Ricci Huling
Original Author: Ricci Huling, Eugene
Time: 2x40 min.
Cooperative Groups

Goal 1: Students will understand social, ethical, legal, and responsible use of various digital information platforms.
Goal 2: Students will learn to make responsible and informed decisions about how they use various digital platforms.
Goal 3: Students will work together to understand dangerous situations and how to avoid them while using various digital platforms.

Objectives: After a whole class discussion on digital citizenship and safety, students will be grouped in fours. Each group will work on a specific cyber scenario in which they create and perform a script illustrating ethical and responsible ways to use digital platforms. Each group member will be given a job to ensure participation and groups will be grading their own as well as other group performances.

Grading criteria: 5- students work well together, complete all tasks in a timely manner, maintain positive attitudes, and present skit in front of the class
3- Students work well together, but not all tasks are completed, but the group still presents a skit for the class.
1- Students struggle to work together, not all tasks are completed, and the group is unable to present a skit in front of the class.

Materials: cyber scenario handouts, and skit worksheet, Smartboard list of tasks

Anticipatory Set: Okay, today we will be working in groups but first I want to lead a discussion on something very important. With a raised hand, tell me if you have ever chatted with someone online that you did not know. Good, now imagine if that person asked to meet you somewhere, or asked you for personal information, or wanted to know your parents name. How many of you have or know someone who has a facebook page? How many of you own or have access to a cell phone with texting and/or data? Today we are going to discuss how to deal with different situations that may arise online.

Stated Purpose: After our discussion I am going to break you into groups to do some fun role playing. (Teacher led discussion takes place.)You will need to assign each group member a job during the group work and each group will be self-grading and grading other groups. Two people will need to be actors, one will be the scribe, and one will be in charge of time management. Remember that all group members are expected to participate full and help their team in any way they can to complete the tasks. You will be responsible for a script and skit by the end of class tomorrow.

Model: I have handed out the cyber scenarios. You now have about 25 minutes left in class today to get started by choosing group roles and beginning to work on a rough script. Try to maintain a realistic feel for your groups scenario, something that you could imagine or even already experienced. I will be ealking around and available to answer any questions you have. Are there any questions now, before we get started?

Independent Practice: Groups will work and stay on task while I rotate around the room to assist and keep kids on task. I will give a warning with 5 min. to go to finish up and organize what they have done so far.

Closure: Great work today! I saw a lot of teamwork taking place and some fabulous ideas for the skits. Next class you will have more time to finish and practice performing your skit. Thanks for working hard today.

Adaptation/Extension: If students seem particularly excited about some of the skits, as a class we could create some digital commercials on cyber safety to show throughout the school.

Scenarios to be used for skits:
1. Kayla is home alone surfing the net after school. She finds a chat room and starts chatting with 2cool4skool. During the conversation 2cool4skool starts asking personal questions like how old Kayla is, what her real name is, and where she goes to school... She really like 2cool4skool, but is starting to feel a little weird... what will she do?

2. Tyrone really likes this girl in his class, but thinks she is kind of out of his league. One night he gets a text from her while at a buddies house. He doesn't know how she got his number, but she texted him asking to take a picture of his "private parts" and send it to her. His friend is telling him he should do it and maybe the girl wants to go out with him. What should Tyrone do?

3. Jennifer just got her first iphone and now can use texting and the internet whenever she wants. While taking a history test she realizes her friend just texted her to see if she knows the answer to a few of the questions. She could sneak and use her phone to help her best friend because her teacher is not looking. What should she do?

4. Gabe is checking his Facebook news feed when he notices a post about one of his friends. They were calling his friend an insulting name. What should Gabe do?

5. Tiffany has been on Facebook for a while and gets invited to join a group page for her school. She happily accepts because she knows it was started by the popular kids. While looking at the page she notices how many posts are making fun of people. Many of the posts use offensive language degrading people's character. Tiffany really wants to be part of the popular group, but doesn't agree with all of the posts on the site. What should she do?
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Flip Video
Other Items: 1 Digital Citizenship Curriculum, $199.00 each, total of $199.00