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Keyboard BINGO

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Keywords: technology, keyboarding, BINGO, writing
Subject(s): Technology, Writing, English/Language Arts
Grades 4 through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Parkview Elementary, Fort Worth, TX
Planned By: Lindsay Foster
Original Author: Lindsay Foster, Fort Worth
Subject: Computers & Internet Grade Level - 4th or 5th
Overview: Students will use the tab key within tables to produce a BINGO card.
Purpose: To improve the use of the tab key while playing a game.
Objective: Students will be able to set up a bingo card using the appropriate tab settings.
Resources/Materials: Computer and word processing software
Activities and Procedures:
1.) Students open the saved document KEYBOARD BINGO.
2.) To begin students are given 5 categories to be typed at the top of each column. (Ex: Colors, Food, Cities, Animals, Sports) To speed up play, the teacher should give the 5 items that will go under each category. (Ex: Under Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple and under Food: popcorn, ice cream, pizza, hamburger, french fries, Cities: New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Sedalia (my hometown), Animals: Horse, dog, cat, dragon, snake, and Sports: football, basketball, golf, baseball, volleyball). It helps if you write this information on the board. You then tell the students under each category for line/row 1 they are to type the items they like best. (ex: green, pizza, New York, dog, baseball). Then in row 2 they should type their second favorite. Row 3 they should type their third favorites, etc) Remember they are tabbing across the row under each column.
3.) Once the students have finished their bingo cards it is time to play. Draw choices (preprinted) out of a cup or hat. You can also have students draw.
4.) Show students the HIGHLIGHT tool so that they can highlight choices as they are selected.
-You can also have students print out their BINGO cards and mark them with a real highlighter the first time. Have them save the assignment and then play again featuring the HIGHLIGHT tool.
5.) You can play where they have to get all in one column marked off, or one in each column. Customize to fit your needs.
After playing once, the students could determine their own topics or use for review skills.
Materials: Keyboards, Mice, Word Processor