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Keywords: E-Portfolios, Reflection, Learning
Subject(s): Social Studies, Video, Spelling, Technology, Grammar, Science, Writing, Reading, Math, English/Language Arts
Grades 4 through 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: St Albans City Elem School, Saint Albans, VT
Planned By: Brian Clark
Original Author: Brian Clark, Saint Albans
The school has provided through grant funding, a Lenovo laptop for all of their 4th - 8th grade students. However, we are a very economically diverse community with a 75% free or reduce rate. With that said, student who have a device (third of my class) with use it and take pictures and videos of their work or reflecting on their work and add them to their e-portfolio. The other students have to use my very old Flip camera or share and borrow the other students devices. This creates time issues and the process that should be a fairly easy process, to take much longer then needed.

First, students log into their Google account and go to their sites. Once their, they will brainstorm and think about themselves and the work that they have done. Once they have finished this, they will then choose pieces of evidence that prove they are meeting or working toward meeting their goals.

This is when they would pull out their device and start taking picture/videos of their work or them reflecting on their work.

After students have finished working on one area, they can then Bump (downloadable app) to their computers. Once downloaded, they transfer to their Google site.

The Google site is used for documentation of their learning and to show their parents the constant learning that is happening for them. These are great ways for parents to be involved with their child's learning.

These devices would greatly help out the students in my class who don't have access to mobile devices and rely on their peers to help them out with this.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The phones could be used to practices skills via apps.
Materials: Video Tools