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Plant Life Cycle Stop Motion Animation

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Keywords: stop motion, technology, science, plants, life cycle, animation
Subject(s): Biology, Photography, Video, Technology, Science, Earth Science
Grades 1 through 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Valley Preparatory School, Redlands, CA
Planned By: Carrie Willis
Original Author: Carrie Willis, Redlands
Assessment: Using still drawings or clay, students will create a stop motion movie about the life cycle of a plant using stop motion animation software.

Time required: Four 40 minute periods

Materials: clay or other craft materials such as pipe cleaners, paper, markers, computer with webcam or computer and digital camera, stop motion animation software, designated recording area.

Objective: Students will work in groups of 2 to create a stop motion animation movie on the life cycle of a plant.

1. Watch plant life cycle movie on Brain Pop Jr.: http://www.brainpopjr.com/science/plants/plantlifecycle/

In groups of two draw or model the different stages in the life cycle of a plant using materials provided. Please include: seeds, seedling, roots, stem, adult plant, flowers, fruit/cone, adult plant dying, etc.

3. Take pictures of each of your stages using a digital camera, built in webcam, or ipod touch.

4. Load images onto the computer (with teacher help) and use stop motion animation software to produce your plant life cycle movie.

5. Movies will be posted on class webpage.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Video Tools, Tripods, Elementary, Art Tools, Animation, Integrating Technology