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SPARTACUS!!! Wait...what?

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Keywords: Movie, Claymation
Subject(s): Technology, Animation, Video
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Marshall High School, Marshall, TX
Planned By: Jillian Robinson
Original Author: Jillian Robinson, Marshall
Project #1-Students will use their classmates to create a stop motion video.

1) Share video examples of stop motion videos from YouTube.
2) Class will decide what type of video they want to create. (Examples are pong, pac- man, space invaders, tetris, etc.)
3) The class will decide who will be doing which part of the video. They will make a list of actors, who will be filming, and who will be directing.
4) Students will begin making a storyboard of the video they have decided to create. They will map out where all the students will be, when to move them, how long they will stay in those places, and what music will be playing.
5) Students will rehearse their video until they have ran through it correctly at least two times in a row.
6) We finally begin shooting! At this point remind everyone that it is only the director that gets to tell everyone what to do.
7) When we are finished shooting, this might take 2 days, begin editing the footage. Depending on how much footage there is, break the class up into different groups and each group will take a portion of the footage.
8) Combine footage into one video.
9) Watch and enjoy!

Project #2-Students will use all the skills that we have learned about making movies to create their own mini-movie summary.

1) Show students YouTube examples of Claymation. Give them examples of all the different ways you can use claymation.
2) Students will choose favorite movie that they will re-create in clay. Movie times will be between 1:30 and 2 minutes.
3) Create a storyboard that will layout movie. At this time students will think about timing and ensure the video does not run over.
4) Create a script with character entrances, exits, scenery, and use of any accessories.
5) Practice doing a quick run through to make sure that all equipment is utilized correctly and to finalize time.
6) Begin shooting Claymation video using techniques learned in class.
7) Edit video using appropriate software.
8) Share with the rest of the class.
Different movies will require students to provide any additional accessories that they think will work for their movie.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Talk to the Language Arts department or History Department. Have the students create a movie based on the book being read or timeline being learned.
As students are watching their classmates videos, have them write a well-thought out critique to help them make their video better.
Links: Link to YouTube Pacman video
Link to YouTube Human Tetris video
Link to YouTube Mario Claymation Video
Materials: Animation, Flash/USB Drives, Cables, Memory Cards, Tripods, Video Tools, Digital Voice Recorders, Hi-Def Camcorder, Sound Libraries