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Living or NonLiving

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Keywords: Living Organisms
Subject(s): Science
Grade 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
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School: Fox Hill Elementary School, Kansas City, MO
Planned By: Cristinna Webber
Original Author: Cristinna Webber, Kansas City
Introduce the lesson with holding up the vial of brine shrimp. Do not tell the kids what is in the vial, but pose the question - Is the organism in the vial living or nonliving? Have students write down their predictions and why. Share with a partner and then share with the class. (water, food, sunlight, warmth, etc.)

Discuss the elements necessary for all living organisms, have students record the elements in their journal.

Place the brine shrimp in a clear glass of water, place the glass under the document camera and record results.

Make a prediction about what the water may do to the brine shrimp.

(wait a day or two)

Under the document camera, zoom in and record what you see with the brine shrimp and discuss what the moving organisms are and if they are living or non living.

Materials: Whiteboards, LCD Monitors, Elementary