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Equations in Motion

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Keywords: motion, quadratic equation, linear equation
Subject(s): Algebra, Video, Writing, Math
Grades 8 through 11
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Our Lady of the Elms High Sch, Akron, OH
Planned By: Elaine Dria
Original Author: Elaine Dria, Akron
Prior to this activity the students will have studied types of equations ( quadratic, linear and exponential)and how to write them from graphs and points.
For this activity:
1. Students will walk around the block surrounding our school and using an ipad record a video of three to four objects in motion.

2. The groups will return to the classroom and use the Vernier Video Physics app to find the pertinent information about the motions they recorded. ( domain, range, peak)

3. They will then write equations to model the motion seen.

4. The groups will use the smartboard to present their equations for the class to see and discuss. They will need to use their ipad to display their work onto the smartboard.

5. The students will make notations on each group's graphs and equations for their own information.

6. Using the notations made during the presentations each student will write a reflective essay on the similarities and differences found when looking at motion and equations modeling motion.

This should take two in class days to complete and will meet both math and ELA common core standards.

This meets the core curriculum standards for Algebra in the function section F.1F.4, F.1F5,F.1F7. I would like to expand into real world work and this helps my students and I to do this.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Work with the Physics teacher to delve more deeply into motion and how these relationships work in the larger world. Work with the English teacher to develop quality compare and contrast responses.
Materials: Whiteboards
Other Items: 5 Vernier Video Physics App, $4.99 each, total of $24.95
5 ipad 2, $399 each, total of $1995.00
1 apple TV box, $99 each, total of $99.00