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Lewis and Clark Webhunt

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Keywords: U.S History, Lewis and Clark, Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson
Subject(s): Geography, Social Studies, History
Grades 6 through 9
NETS-S Standard:
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Central Dauphin Middle School, Harrisburg, PA
Planned By: Andrea Farmer
Original Author: Andrea Farmer, Harrisburg
Students will answer the following questions about Lewis and Clark by using the indicated web sites.

Lewis and Clark Webhunt

Click on this link http://harpethhallwebtools.wikispaces.com/file/detail/29917-lewis_and_clark_expedition.kmz
Then click on “Filename 29917-lewis_and_clark_expedition.kmz”
In the pop-up window click on “open”. This will open a Google Earth file.

1. What states did the Corp of Discovery pass through?

2. Zoom in as close as you can along several parts of the trail. What natural feature did they follow for much of their journey to the Pacific?

3. Click on Tools (at the top) then Ruler. Use the ruler to approximate the distance of the trip. How many miles was the trip to the Pacific (green line)?

4. What does the blue line represent? Why do you think it split from the green line journey?

Lewis and Clark kept extensive journals. Use the following web site for questions 5 - 9
Click on “Journal Excerpts” link to the left
5. On what date did they spot their first sign of bison? (hint: it was sometime in 1804)
6. What happened on May 23, 1804?
7. Click on “June 9, 1805”. How did the men store provisions to gather on the way back?
8. Click on “July 4, 1805“. What provision were the men running short on?
9. Click on “January 18, 1806” and read about Lewis’ description of a typical Clatsop Indian house. Try to draw a picture of the house below based on the description.

Usethe following website for questions 10 - 12
10. Lewis
and Clark spent months preparing for their journey before setting out on May 14, 1804, from St. Louis, Missouri. What were some of the expedition's goals?

11. Complete the adventure by choosing your path and making decisions vital to the journey. Did you survive the adventure?
What did Clark say when you reached the Pacific Ocean?

12. Click on “Meet the Crew” (after clicking “onward” there is a link at the bottom)
Lewis and Clark's crew, called the Corps of ____________________, differed in background, rank, and experience. Who was the oldest? ________________ Who was the youngest? Who was Seaman? ________________________

Use the following website for questions 13 & 14
13. Their
supplies included scientific equipment, camping gear, clothing, weapons, and food. They also brought gifts to give to the Native Americans they would meet. Name three gifts.

14. Lewis and Clark also encountered almost 50 Native American tribes. Name two from the Pacific Northwest.

Use the following website for questions 15 & 16
http://www.sierraclub.org/lewisandclark/species/index.asp<br>15. Along
their journey, Lewis and Clark saw many new plants and animals, such as the black-tailed prairie dog. What did they nickname it?

16. What did they do with one of the prairie dogs?

Use the following website for questions 17 & 18
http://www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/people/s_z/sacagawea.htmr>17. Another
key member of the group was Sacagawea, who served as an interpreter. Name one other reason why she was so key to the expedition.

18. When Sacagawea arrived to serve as interpreter for a band of Shoshone Indians, what astonishing coincidence occurred?
This webhunt will require the use of Google Earth and it must be installed on the devices for the first link to work.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The information learned could be used to write a research paper on the topic that could involve the English/Language Arts teacher to develop and practice writing techniques.
After other class discussion, classroom activiites, and a movie about Lewis and Clark, I have the students write a paper about the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Materials: Worksheets, Internet Services, Web Page, Keyboards, Mobile Labs, Integrating Technology