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Weathering Project

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Keywords: Weathering
Subject(s): Special Needs, Science, Technology, Writing
Grade 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: Annapolis Middle School, Annapolis, MD
Planned By: Christina Saunders
Original Author: Christina Saunders, Annapolis
Students have been learning about weathering in class; the forces that shape the earth. We have completed weathering stations as an introduction looking about the different types and what they can do to the Earth. We have completed group writing projects and individual writing projects.
Students will use digital cameras to walk around the school and take pictures of weathering on school ground. I will then upload the photos onto the school's network so that students can access the photos. Then students will have to create a Photo Story, PowerPoint, or Brochure about weathering and the types of weathering we have around school. The rubric would be the same no matter which end product students use to create. Students will be scored on their ability to identify the type of weathering and the specific example in at least 3 different pictures; i.e. the bike rack might have some rust, the type of weathering is Chemical and the example is Rust.
Photo Story is a program I would encourage my lower students to use. They can pick the photos they want to use and the order to put them in, and then they use the microphones to record their voice and they can speak about each photo and what they have learned. Many of my lower students do a much better job communicating their thoughts if they can speak and not have to write.
PowerPoint would be the program I would encourage the majority of my students to use. Students create a PowerPoint about the weathering we have at the school as well as what they have learned.
Brochure I would encourage for my higher students. They would create a brochure using Microsoft Publisher about weathering using the pictures they took as their visual aids.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Social Studies as students will be looking at the different historical artifacts and when they were first build and now. Students will be looking how different artifacts have changed based on the different types of weathering; i.e. Pyramids v.s. Mount Rushmore.

Math class students have been studying percent's, and rates. Students can use their knowledge to help look at the rate of weathering and the surface area.
Going through student's work as a class and allowing students to critic one another.
Materials: Memory Cards, Digital SLR, Middle