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Keywords: beginning sounds, sounds, kindergarten, leapsters, leappad ultra
Subject(s): Spelling, Speech and Language, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades P-K through 1
NETS-S Standard:
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Gregory-Lincoln Ed Center, Houston, TX
Planned By: Tamika Terry
Original Author: Tamika Terry, Houston
Objectives: ELA.K.2H isolate the initial sound in one-syllable spoken words. ELA.K.2F blend spoken onsets and rimes to form simple words (e.g., onset/c/ and rime/at/ make cat).

Materials: Paper, pencils, Leappad Ultra, Letter Factory Game, Chart paper, Markers, Beginning Sounds Worksheet, Centers Worksheet

Procedures: We will begin our day with our morning message, in our morning message the students will fill in blanks including beginning and ending sounds, as well as rhyming words and math and science problems. Afterwards I will show students a list of CVC words such as pot, cat, sit, rap, and tip; we will then discuss how beginning sounds are the first sound you hear in the word. We will then stretch the word pot to begin with, we will then stretch it holding on to the first sound. We will then look at the word pot and identify that the beginning sounds is /p/. We will then repeat these steps for the next four words. I will then give each student a beginning sounds worksheet with pictures of different things and together we will identify the picture, stretch the word, then say the word again holding on to the first sound. After we identify what letter the picture starts with and write our answer on the worksheet. I will then allow each student to play the Letter Factory Game on their Leappad Ultra for independent practice with beginning sounds.

Check For Understanding: The students will look at pictures and match the picture to the letter that it begins with.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
During our science lesson when students are writing in their interactive journals they will stretch words and begin to spell words based off of the sounds they hear in the words.

While reading the students will be able to use the skill of stretching words to begin to read independently.
The students will complete the beginning sounds wheel in centers. The wheel has a picture of something that starts with each letter, the students will match the picture with the correct clothes pin that has the letter written on it.

We will also continue to go to the computer lab and use istation which is a interactive program that helps the students with reading skills and is tailored to meet their needs.
Materials: Headsets
Other Items: 17 Leappad Ultra, $149.99 each, total of $2549.83
17 Letter Factory Game Cartridge, $18.99 each, total of $322.83