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Pre-K Listening Station

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Keywords: listening center, pre-reading skills, early learning,
Subject(s): Early Learning, Writing, Reading
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Research and Information Fluency
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School: Zanewood Elementary School, Brooklyn Park, MN
Planned By: Erica Schmidt
Original Author: Erica Schmidt, Brooklyn Park
Students will be given an opportunity during center time to listen to stories independently. While they are listening to their story they will be gaining vocabulary, text and book knowledge, as well as other skills needed to prepared them for independent reading.

When they have finished listening to a story there will be an opportunity for them to reflect on what they just heard. They will document their favorite part of the story in a developmentally appropriate way. This will be done through drawings, writing (for students who are at this level), and verbally talking about it with the teacher.

This opportunity to reflect will provide them another opportunity to continue to build their comprehension skills and their able to communicate what they just heard. Both of these skills will be very important as they progress in school and are asked to independently read and reflect on their reading.
Head sets would be to use with MP3 players.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
MP3 players can also be utilized to encourage appropriate ways to calm down when upset and play an important roll in the instruction of social skills at a young age.
The choices of books could be switched out weekly to keep student engagement and learning in constant motion.
Materials: MP3 Players, Headsets, Books, Early Learning