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Famous Classmates!

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Keywords: Communication
Subject(s): Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades K through 2
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: St Boniface Catholic School, Oak Harbor, OH
Planned By: Jennifer Wilson
Original Author: Jennifer Wilson, Oak Harbor
Day 1 and 2:
Step 1: Read Judy Moody Gets Famous!

Step 2: Discuss what the word "famous" means. Write famous peoples name on chart paper at whole group time.

Step 3: On chart paper write famous people as the students name them. Also list why they are famous. For example: Jan Brett author, Sally Ride astronaut, Barack Obama President.

Step 4: Read Amazing Grace and All I Am to help the students get ideas for how they are also important.

Step 5: Discuss how the children are Famous First Graders. They may be "famous" for something like being a good skipper, writer, singer or helper at home.

Step 6: Talk about how famous people are interviewed because other people are interested in learning more about them. "The children in this class are interested in learning more about you also; so you will each have a turn to become a "Famous First Grader."

Step 7: Talk about writing information about themselves that would be interesting to others and how that could make them famous. For example: I like to travel and take photos. So I am a famous photographer for a travel magazine.

Step 8: Allow time for the students to write their information. They may need help with writing or need to dictate their information to an adult. (Great time to use parent volunteers, teacher assistants, or older students.)I have three parent volunteers to help me with this lesson.

Step 9: After the students are finished, or at a later time, make plans for interviewing the Famous classmates. Guide the students to think of ways famous people get publicity - through paparazzi photographers, reporters, movie, or TV cameras. Plan how they could interview their classmates as a team so that everyone could have a cooperative part. They may want to include limousine drivers and ushers who open the limo door. Also don't forget the crowd who watches for famous people to arrive.

Step 10: Have a sign-up sheet for students to choose a job for the first interview session tomorrow.

Step 11: Conclude the lesson by asking students for their reactions to becoming famous person.

Day 3 and 4:
Step 1: Separate the students into their roles. There may only be as many photographers as you have cameras. (Some could use pretend cameras.) About half of the students could start out as Famous First Graders. They just wait in their limousine (chairs lined up) until it arrives at the Big Event.

Step 2: Talk about how the Big Event is about to begin. The Famous First Graders are about to arrive at anytime. The groups need to get their equipment and take their places. Remember to be considerate of each other and be a good team member.

Step 3: Go over how the scenario might be played out: The first limousine arrives. An usher opens the door for the Famous First Grader. The crowd briefly cheers or oohs and ahhs. The paparazzi take a picture. The Famous First Grader walks down the red carpet to the interview area. A reporter asks his or her name. Another reporter asks, "Tell us why you are famous." When the interview is complete the Famous First Grader excuses himself to go into the Big Event. This person becomes a crowd member. The rest of the students rotate to the next position. Continue until all of the children have been interviewed.

Step 4: After everyone has been interviewed, have the students edit the photos and create an iMovie. This could be done in a computer center. I could also creating the iMovie could be done as a large group as a class if the computer was connected to a smart board.

Step 5: As a whole group activity we as a class review the movie. Decide if it needs any further editing.

Step 6: Invite parents, principal, specialists, or another class to view the movie. Popcorn is a nice touch to this Big Event.

Objectives for this lesson is:
Students will:
1.Listen to books.
2.List famous people.
3.Write how they are famous.
4.Plan for an interview.
5.Take still photos with a digital camera.
6.Upload the photos to a computer and edit them.
7.Interview classmates.
8.Tell information about themselves.
9.Write about the Famous Kindergartens ,First Graders and second graders.
This is a great lesson for the whole school to get involved!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
You could to this type of lesson you could use for science or social studies. I could pick a lesson like animals and take pictures of different animals and make a iMovie.
Create a Famous Teachers movie and run it during lunch in the teachers' lounge.
See list of 100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras in a classroom.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Camera Bags, Reading, Literacy, Writing