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Digital Photography and Movie Making

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Keywords: Science, Light, Photography, Video
Subject(s): Photography, Video, Science
Grades 4 through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: McKissick Elementary School, Easley, SC
Planned By: Parker Rowland
Original Author: Parker Rowland, Greenville
Day 1:
The students will begin with a discussion/review of light content vocab - The students will watch the BrainPop Jr Video “Light” - The Teacher and The students will discuss what transparent/translucent/opaque means and identify objects on the Pro Board as transparent / translucent / opaque - The Teacher and The students will travel around the upstairs w/ Digital Cameras (The students will work w/ partners to identify and photograph items that are transparent / translucent / opaque) - The teacher will display photos that the students have taken

Day 2:
The students will review transparent / translucent / opaque with whole group recall - The students will view the example movie to know the objective - The students will work with their partners to use Movie Maker to create a video for transparent / translucent / opaque (The video is to include: 3 slides w/ words & definition; at least 1 video clip of each; song "Build Me an Opaque House") - The Teacher will display 1 video

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson requires students to use photography and movie making skills for a science unit on light
Links: Link to Example Video
Link to Example Video
Materials: Digital Cameras, Video Tools, Batteries, Memory Cards, Cables, Keyboards, Headsets, Mice