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Inquiry Center New England Colonies

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Keywords: New England Colonies, Social Studies, Technology, Inquiry, Common Core, History, Differentiation, Special Needs, Collaboration
Subject(s): Civics, Social Studies, Geography, History
Grade 7
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: 383 Philippa Schuyler, Brooklyn, NY
Planned By: syreeta dixon
Original Author: syreeta dixon, Brooklyn
Syreeta Dixon Social Studies 7th Grade Fall 2014
Unit:1 Chapter: 3
Essential Question:
How do issues of power, wealth and morality influence exploration and colonization?

Learning Objective: SWBAT use inquiry centers to identify traits of religious groups in New England colonies.
Materials: laptops, social studies notebooks, inquiry center questions
Video Mini-Lesson: How religion shaped the states of New England?
Small Group/Independent Activity: Inquiry Centers
Student Grouping:
Keyowna, Tyheir
Inquiry Center 2: Analyzing Primary Source
Website- http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/articles/ushistory/mayflowercompact.htm
Inquiry Center 1: Analyzing A Photograph
Website- http://flmayflower.com/images/signers.jpg

Stephanie, Alexander
Inquiry Center 3: Visual/Auditory Exploration
Website- http://www.schooltube.com/video/40aee45a1ec349a89eed/The%20New%20England%20Colonies
Exit Slip/Assessment:
In one sentence, who were the Pilgrims?
In one sentence, who were the Puritans?

Name____________________________ Date_______________________

InquiryCenter Support Material-Video Exploration
Title of Video:
Observations: What is the central idea of the video? Jot down 3 important facts from the video.
Key People or Key Events mentioned in video:
What important years were mentioned:
Inference: Choose one of the sentence starters below to write about the video
This video reveals _______ about _______
This video makes me realize____________
Inference: Choose one of the sentence starters below to write about the document or photo
This _______ reveals _______ about _______
This ______ makes me realize____________

Name____________________________ Date_______________________
r>InquiryCenter Support Material-Visual Exploration
Title of Document or Photo:
Creator (if known):
Record in detail what you see.
Facial expressions
Geographical features
What year or period was object made or written?
Who does it belong to or where was it found?

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The students do an infomercials about their particular colonies to attract settlers.
Students used books the next day to add to their graphic organizers about the economy of New England
Links: link to document
link to photograph
link to video
Materials: Whiteboards, Short Throw Projectors, Printers, Social Studies, ESL, Office Suite, Internet Services, Integrating Technology, Autism, Dyslexia