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Sharing Feelings in the Classroom

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Keywords: Communication, Feelings, Social Skills, Preschool, Special Education
Subject(s): Social Skills, Autism, Early Learning, Special Needs, Speech and Language
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: West Plains Elementary School, West Plains, MO
Planned By: Marcia Kantola
Original Author: Marcia Kantola, West Plains
Students will be instructed on a big screen tv with mirroring abilities to the tablets the students hold in their hands. The students will be provided instruction and modeling of different feelings a person may experience in different activities or video clips downloaded for the instruction. Songs about feelings will be downloaded and learned from the computer and projected to the big screen tv and mirrored to the students' tablets during songs. Different games about feelings will be played in small groups. Students will use their tablets to share to the group on their answers in the game. Students will be provided opportunities to communicate feelings shown on the clips on their tablets and to the classroom through mirroring on the big screen tv. After instruction, students will be encouraged to use their tablets to take pictures of themselves or their peers in activities during "work time". Students will be provided more individualized attention from adults for communicating how students or how they feel in their pictures they have captured on their tablets. Students with communication needs will have apps available on the tablets for communicating the feelings taught in the classroom. The students will all have access to the apps to help in communicating and expressing feelings shown in the classroom.

As the lesson on feelings is repeated in multiple ways different days, students will work up to what words to say when our friends feel a certain way. Or lesson plans can be made for teaching the words to use when we want a toy from a friend. Videos can be downloaded on example of kids wanting and sharing toys and what words are said to gain toys or activities from peers. Students can make their own pictures and add descriptions on their pictures on the words to say and what to do to gain or share toys.
Your Hardware box does not include the latest technology hardware that is available for mirroring devices to the teachers laptop and onto a big screen tv.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
There are so many ways to use the technology with our preschoolers for learning during instruction time and practice time to cover everything from body parts, preacademic skills-numbers, letters, colors, shapes, science-with cooking and creating, social skills-how to interact in different situations. There are so many lessons, songs, videos, etc. to download from the internet that is free. By having this technology in our classroom, our students will be able to physically interact with the direct instruction and be provided more individualized instruction on their very own tablets. Books of interest can be downloaded to the tablets for students to have "read" to them from their own tablets during reading time. Skills in all areas of development can be then generalized and practiced in real life classroom situations and activities.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Portable, Televisions, Autism, Early Learning, Speech and Language
Other Items: 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4- 7inch white-with Targus Case and Free Stylus, $170.99 each, total of $1709.90
2 Galaxy Tab 4-10.1 inch , $297.99 each, total of $595.98
2 Otter Box Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Papaya, $69.93 each, total of $139.86
1 Samsung UN60H6350 60 inch 1080p 120 Hz Smart LED TV, $1135.90 each, total of $1135.90
1 Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player, $29.99 each, total of $29.99
1 ASUS 15.6" HD Quad-core Touch Screen Laptop, 500GB HDD&4GB RAM, $379.00 each, total of $379.00
1 HDE-13 Port High Speed USB 2.0 Hub w on/off switch w 5V AC Wall Plug Power, $9.99 each, total of $9.99
1 Full HD Projector 2000 Lumens 16:9 Aspect Ratio...by DBPower, $238.69 each, total of $238.69
1 Luxor Home Office 12 Tablet Wall/Desk Charging Box Gray, $187.99 each, total of $187.99