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Keywords: Format, tool ribbon, calculation, internet research, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
Subject(s): Information Skills, Technology
Grades 7 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Chichester Middle School, Boothwyn, PA
Planned By: Danielle Nyce
Original Author: Danielle Nyce, Boothwyn
1. Download Word career document
2. Take Myers Briggs personality quiz. List best matching career for that personality type, starting salary for that career, and the amount of education needed.
3. Calculate taxes taken out
4. Research apartments
5. Create a monthly expense list
6. Use Excel to calculate whether the students expenses are more or less than their income

Below is the Career Document

Build Your Awesome Life

For our next project we are going to take a personality test, choose a career, get an apartment, and calculate your living expenses.

Section A: You

Go to http://www.parentingbytemperament.com/MidChildSort.php and take the test.
1. What type are you?

2. Explore the personality. List three careers for this type. Research them and give a one paragraph description for each. Include education needed, and average starting salary.

3. Which career did you choose? Why? What is the income for that career?

Section A: Uncle Sam
1. Now that you have a job, you have to pay taxes. The government wants 20%, and you better pay. Here’s how:
a. Take your yearly salary:
b. Multiply this by 20% (or .20—it’s all the same)
c. The answer is the taxes taken out. What is it?
d. Subtract your Gross Income (that’s your salary with no taxes taken out) from your yearly taxes. This is called Net Income. This is what you get to spend. How much is your Net Income?
Example: You make $60,000 (gross)
60,000 * .20 = 12,000 (taxes)
$60,000 - $12,000 = $48,000

2. Divide your net income by 12 so we know how much you make a month:

Section C: An Apartment
1. Since we assume that you are just starting you, you cannot buy a house. But you can live anywhere in the US. Go to www.apartments.com and fill in the information.
2. What apartment did you choose?
3. How many bedrooms?
4. How much is it?

Section D: Your Expenses
In the column on the right, fill in your monthly expenses.

Rent My Expenses
Groceries: Put in $100 for each person in the house.
For example, if you are married with two kids, that would be $400
Heat/Electricity: Make this $100 for each bedroom.
Water/Sewage: $30
Car Payment: $250
If you choose not to have a car then put
Public Transportation: $125
College Loans:
Bachelors: $200
Masters: $350
Medical/Law School: $500
Car Insurance: $50
Cell Phone: $45
If more than one person has a phone then it’s $45/person
Going out to eat:
Multiply how many times you plan to eat out in a month by $10.
For example: If I were to go to Burger King five times in a month, I would multiply 5 * $10 = $50
Out with friends. If you plan to go out with friends on the weekends put in $50 for each weekend you go out.

Section E: Can You Afford to Live the Life You Want to Lead?

1. Open Excel.
2. Double click on the tab at the bottom and rename Sheet One to “Budget”
3. In column A1 write: Items
4. In column B1 write: Cost
5. List all the items from your budget and their costs in the appropriate columns.
6. When done, select all the number in Column B. Above you, there is a backwards looking E on the toolbar. When you mouse-over it, it will say “AutoSum”. Press this.
7. Skip a few lines in Column A and write: Monthly Income.
8. Next to this in Column B write your Income:
9. Back in column A, write: Monthly Expenses
10. Write this number in column B.
11. Click into the next blank line in column B
12. Write the formula: =(the letter and number of the cell for monthly income) – (the letter and number of the cell for monthly expenses)
13. Can you afford to live the life you would like to lead?

Materials: Hard Drives, Printers, Office Suite, Keyboarding