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PowerPoint Probability

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Keywords: Independent Probability
Subject(s): Math, Photography, Video
Grade 6
School: Patapsco Middle School, Ellicott City, MD
Planned By: Diane Boarman
Original Author: Diane Boarman, Ellicott City
1. Selecting props:
Students decide on items that they could draw out of a bag, such as cars, wheels, ribbons, candy, etc. They add a costume and are ready to film their probability. The scene should be creative. Some examples are: Magician - Dress up as a magician and draw either white or pink bunnies out of a hat. Skateboarder: Dress up in skateboarding gear and draw either red or black wheels out of a backpack.

2. Filming:
Students film their intro. The intro will show all of the objects before they are placed into the bag or hat. They state how many are black and how many are red. They ask, What is the probability of drawing a red wheel if I draw ten times, replacing the wheel each time?"
After the intro, the actual drawing is also filmed.

3. PowerPoint production:
The teacher creates a PowerPoint template to save time. The students import their intro film and their drawing film into the PowerPoint. They create frequency tables and graphs to illustrate their data from the movies. They write questions asking what is the experimental and theoretical probability of the movies. They also write ten quiz questions about their presentation. They type answers to their questions and quiz questions. They show their PowerPoint presentation to the class.

4. Presentation:
Students present their PowerPoints to the class. They learn a great deal by creating the PowerPoint, but they also get great practice and reinforcement by watching and answering other students' questions. Students that tell me they hate math really enjoyed this lesson.
We filmed with digital video cameras. You can film video on a digital still camera since the videos are short. We also took digital stills of the objects on a table, before drawing. If you do not have video capabilities, you could take a still of every draw.
Materials: Slideshow, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 8 computers, $1000 each, total of $8000.00
8 PowerPoint applications, $100 each, total of $800.00
1 still camera or digital camcorder per group is ideal, but can film one group at a time, so one camera could work., $300 each, total of $300.00
1 USB flash drive, $20 each, total of $20.00
1 tripod, $25 each, total of $25.00
1 large media card, $40 each, total of $40.00