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Letter Review

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Keywords: alphabet, letter writing, pre reading activity,
Subject(s): Early Learning, Special Needs, Writing
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Western Rockingham Middle Sch, Madison, NC
Planned By: Rebecca Kallam
Original Author: Rebecca Kallam, Madison
When introducing the letter, I show the letter card with the Letterland character and introduce the letter and the character (who hides behind the letter) then we make the letter sound while doing the letter action trick (see Letterland.com for more information). After We introduce the letter name, sound, and action trick using letter card, we utilize our class computer with activboard to visit our Letterland program that is pre loaded on our computer (Letterland ABC's). We find the Letterlander in the program then click on the picture. After it shows the letter screen for the Letterland we are studying. We click the picture of the book to hear the character practice it's name and sound then point out things in the surrounding picture that begin with the sound of the Letter. Last we listen to the song that corresponds to the letter by clicking on the music note.

To reinforce the letter name and the sound as well as practice forming the letter we go to small groups and do a small chalkboard letter writing practice with short (1 .5 inches) chalk. We practice making the lowercase letter first on both sides of the board. Next we use our one classroom ipad and the Letterschool application to form the letter with our fingers on the ipad screen.

We introduce letter first on Tuesday then have a review day on Thursdays with the same large group and include Letter podcast from Sesame Street. org to review the letter as well on that day. Thursday we will sometimes use playdoh to form the letter instead of chalk to have different sensory experience with our children while review the letter name and the sound.
The Letterland website is currently down so I cannot access exact pricing on their products. This is the letter and sound program we currently use in our preschool county wide but this lesson could be adapted with any letter and letter program if you have access to larger letter cards or application/software that review your letter.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson plan works with letter literacy and with fine motor skills with our preschool children and in that way it crosses our preschool curriculum.
We do this same review 2 days a week. We will also take time to use straight lines, large and small curves to "build" letters at large and small group times.
Links: Link to Sesame Street
Link to Letterland website
Materials: Projectors, Projector Screens, English/Language Arts, Literacy, Early Learning, Internet Services, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 1 Ipad, $400.00 each, total of $400.00
1 Set of large letterland character cards, $approx: 50.00 each
4 Playdoh cans, $5.00 each, total of $20.00
3 chalkboard with chalk, $10.00 each, total of $30.00
1 Living ABC's letterland software, $approx: 100.00 each