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Keywords: Digital Footprint, social media, technology education
Subject(s): Technology
Grades 6 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: Anna L Klein Elementary School, Guttenberg, NJ
Planned By: Steven Lahullier
Original Author: Steven Lahullier, Guttenberg
This lesson is intended to be taught in middle school. I would start the lesson by asking who has a social media account in the classroom. I would further ask if the students can identify how to change privacy setting on major social networking sites. A short video on digital footprints would be shown. Students will be asked What would we find if we were to type your name into Google? Students will be encouraged to type their name into Google search to see what comes up. Students will be asked to think to themselves about all of this information about them being public. They should think is this information something that they want their friends, parents, principal, college admissions office, future boss, etc to see. Students will be given assistance on ways to change privacy settings to help make their online presence more private. The class will review what are some good, general rules for posting and communicating online. The negative impacts of bad decisions while using technology will also be discussed, which will connect with a lesson directly related to cyber bullying.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
English Language Arts follow up project.
What steps have been taken to help ensure privacy on social networks since our class?
Links: Link to Video
Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, Hard Drives, Printers, LCD Monitors, Power, Keyboards, Headsets, Mice, Ports and Hubs, Internet Services, Integrating Technology