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Schoolwide Math Competition

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Keywords: Math Competition
Subject(s): Math
Grades K through 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: Blanco Elementary School, Blanco, NM
Planned By: Linda Gutierrez
Original Author: Linda Gutierrez, Blanco
I have used Mangahigh in previous schools and have loved the level of engagement that it inspired in my math students. I recently moved to a new school and the excitement for math is lacking. By introducing this product to our staff and students, I believe we can create a new fervor for the subject.

The software has built in leader boards and medals that the students can earn. There are also competitions that the school can participate in with schools from around the world.

The product is Common Core aligned, which is what we need. It provides immediate feedback, hints, and solutions. It is also extremely easy to differentiate content for any student.

Using the data from the website, we would have weekly competitions and announcements about who which classes/students were in the lead with points. This information would be shared with the community via the school newsletter.

Materials: Mice, Elementary
Other Items: 1 Mangahigh Subscription, $1800 each, total of $1800.00