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Daily Life: Recognizing Positive Social Behaviors

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Keywords: Daily Life: Recognizing Positive Social Behaviors
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling
Grades 8 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Club Embrace Resource Program, Baton Rouge, LA
Planned By: Joy Washington
Original Author: Joy Washington, Baton Rouge
Using the activity based on the phrase Recognizing Positive Social Behaviors by displaying an example of electronic social interaction.

Ask the students to cover the text, act out different vocabulary words as in charades, and guess what their peers are acting out and presenting. Once words are revealed students can take turns performing selected words related to positive social interactions.

Read a selected group of phrases (which denote positive and negative examples of social interactions) and puts in stupid words, e.g., banana or elephant in place of key vocabulary words, and have students correct each phrase.

Ask a few general questions on the content of the text, e.g., what are positive social interactions? What is the name of your neighborhood? What are the most important characteristics that must be in your friend? why?

Make sure students have plenty of opportunity to hear the key words in isolation and in context. Point out that the spelling does not help with pronunciation. Make sure students Double check students have grasped the meanings, by Writing questions such as these on the board and asking students to discuss them in pairs; What’s your attitude to school work? What’s the difference between good behavior and bad behavior in class?

Checking For Understanding:
Have students work in groups to create skits of positive social interactions and record students final products. Come together to have students share answers and comment on group progress as they share, modeling positive social interactions.

Where can we use positive social interactions? What are the most important characteristics of your friend?

Ask student some questions about vocab e.g. giving the definition and asks about the word.

Give students a worksheet with stories about interactions and have them identify positive social interactions.

Teacher Reflections:
Check work and display in classroom students work. Have students select the best recorded skit, and present to school during an assembly.
Students in our program have limited resources. They have been isolated in this center where we operate due to behaviors in standard educational programs. They have little to look forward to when coming to school, and Klub Embrace is looking to change their outlook on life and help them reenter a traditional school environment prepared to develop positive relationships with their peers, school faculty, staff and administration.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
While building a knowledge of academic skills using technology as well as through interactions with their peers, students are learning and reestablishing positive social interactions.
As students reenter regular school monthly group outreach sessions will allow us to keep in touch with them. Our annual group cultural outreach trip will also allow us to continue to work with students while building their knowledge skills and abilities to reenter society and succeed.
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