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Keywords: Comparing Fractions, Fractions, Mathematics, iPad mini
Subject(s): Special Needs, Math
Grade 3
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Woodland Elementary School, Perrysburg, OH
Planned By: Julia Whalen
Original Author: Julia Whalen, Perrysburg
Lesson objectives:
1) I can identify the parts of a fraction.
2) I can compare fractions with the same numerator or the same denominator.
Anticipatory Set:
Review the parts of a fraction, Numerator and Denominator.
Ask the following questions:
> If I had a box of 24 cookies and I shared them with one friend how many would we each get? (12 cookies, explain since there's two people we'd each get 12.)
> If I had a box of 24 cookies and I shared them with two friends how many would we each get (8 cookies)
> If I had shared them with three friends how many would we each get? (6 cookies)
> If I had a shared them with five friends how many would we each get? (4 cookies)
> If I shared them with seven friends how many would we each get? (3 cookies)
> If I shared them with eleven friends? (2 cookies)
> If I gave a cookie to everyone in the class, but I didn't get one....(1 cookie)
Ask students how many they'd like to have.
> What did you notice when we added people?
> Explain the people were the "whole"
Use the Doodle Pro app to draw fractions to compare.
> Explain that when the denominator is the same you look for the LARGER numerator.
> Explain that when the numerator is the same you look for the SMALLER denominator.
> Show the Khan Academy video on comparing fractions.
> Break out into partners to complete comparing fraction flash cards.
Pull Small Group (students with IEPs, low math scores)
~ Students have the iTooch app that was purchased through school funds. Parent club has also purchased a set of headphones for each iPad mini)
> Continue to use examples on the iPad mini with Doodle Pro, allow students to also draw the fractions
> Use iTooch Math: Grade 3 as another reinforcement.
> This will provide at level math instruction in a fun and engaging way.
> Students will complete the task cards in a small group.
The students who were pulled for the small group will then use the iPad mini to work on fact fluency
(Math Vs. Zombies, 10 Monkeys Multiplication)
Use the Socrative app to assess students on their knowledge of comparing numbers with like numerators or like denominators.
We are purchasing the iPads to use various apps in it to help our students meet learning expectations. The Otterbox defender cases will allow us to protect and preserve our iPads for longer since they will be used in an elementary setting.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students will be able to write their own fraction word problems using the iPad app, Notes.
Students will also be using the iPad in social studies to research our city, look at maps through the Google Earth app, and create a timeline using the iPad.
Work on comparing fractions with unlike denominators and unlike numerators.
Materials: Elementary, Math, Electronics
Other Items: 6 Otterbox defender cases, $49.99 each, total of $299.94
6 iPad mini 2, $249.00 each, total of $1494.00