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Capturing Our Learning (through photos/videos)

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Keywords: video, communication, family, Animoto, photo
Subject(s): Photography, Video, Social Skills, Technology
Grades K through 3
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Jeffco 21st Century Virtual Academy, Lakewood, CO
Planned By: Deanna Duray
Original Author: Deanna Duray, Lakewood
Currently I use my own personal iPhone to capture learning moments throughout the day. Then I create an Animoto video for students and family to watch (after our SWAP day). This gives parents a look into our one face to face day and also is a great way to get students talking about their learning. Id like to upgrade my technology to provide better quality photos and videos to support these weekly videos.

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to communicate with their families both orally and through photos, about their face to face day at school. Students will be able to use a digital camera to capture photos and videos. Students will be able to create a video using Animoto online.

Mini Lessons: 3
1) Capturing our day through photos/videos
How will we SHOW our families what we do at school? What important events happen? What should we take pictures/videos of? Brainstorm ideas with students.... then show one of my past videos. Did I include their ideas? Complete a chart that includes all student ideas for capturing our day.

2) Using Animoto to create video (students need to have the FREE app downloaded)
Begin lesson by letting students explore the Animoto app for 3-5 minutes. Then discuss what they have learned. Then, show them the computer version... and talk about what is the same/different. Finally, demonstrate the steps in using Animoto to make a video. After the demonstration, give students 20 minutes to create their own video on their iPad. Then come back together to share their videos with each other.

3) Communicating with your family about our face to face day... with the support of our weekly video.
Collaborate with counselor or social worker and have a lesson on communication. Focus on eye contacts and including details, along with what questions their parents might ask about their school day.

Each week a student will be our photographer. They will have permission to step away from learning to capture moments throughout the day. During the last 30 minutes... this student (with the support of another student) will use Animoto to create our daily video. Then they will post it into our Schoology course for families to see.
Materials: Digital SLR, Memory Cards