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Cubelets Challenge Beginner

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Keywords: , problem solving, Cubelets
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Science, Grammar, Technology, Spelling
Grades P-K through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Harbour View Elementary Sch, Summerfield, FL
Planned By: Lisa Decker
Original Author: Lisa Decker, Summerfield
Lesson Overview
Lesson Title Cubelets Challenge beginner first hands on experience with cubelets
NGSS Standards(s) SC.5.N.1.1, SC.5.N.1.5, SC.5.N.2.1, SC.5.N.2.2
Vocabulary Cubelet, linear, logic, thinking, input, output
Essential Question(s) How do robots carry out tasks?
Background Information Black cubelet- single sense, clear cubelet-single action, colored cubelets are thinking or logic parts of the robot, grey cubelet- distance,green- passive cubelet, battery cubelet
The challenges are aimed at thinking about building something to meet a need, solve a problem or make something that that can help us to understand or do something.

5E Learning Cycle Activities
5E Phase Activity Description Suggested Notebook Entry Estimated Time Materials
Engage-This activity should make connections between past and present learning experiences, expose prior conceptions, and organize students’ thinking toward the learning outcomes of current activities We are going to be problem solving using these cubelets to build robots. Robots are devices that can sense, think and act.
What do we use robots for now in the real world?
What do we use robots for in school, in our community and in the United States? Journal entry on robots around us 10 minutes Journal, pencil
Explore-This activity should provide students with a common base of hands-on experiences within which current concepts (i.e., misconceptions), processes, and skills are identified and conceptual change is facilitate through evidence collection.

Pairs of students are provided with a set of cubelets and task cards:

Task 1. Flashlight

Task 2 Drive- linear

Task 3 Drive- nonlinear

Enrichment- drive with passive cube/nonlinear

Journal insert, recording observations and sketch’s of robots created 30 minutes KT06 cubelets –per two students

Explain-Learners explain their understanding of the concept. An explanation from the teacher or the curriculum may guide them toward a deeper understanding. Gallary Walk- students explain and question other students solutions in Task 3 work- nonlinear drive and enrichment solutions 20 minutes Student work
Elaborate-Students apply their understanding of the concept by conducting additional activities such as reading complex text. Literacy Block: Provide students with books about other types of robots. After reading about other types of robots brainstorm used for robots in the future.
Narrative Prompt: You are transported fifty years in the future. In a narrative story explain the future of robots as you see it in fifty years. Response to narrative prompt Will vary depending on text selection A variety of books about robots.
Evaluate-Students assess their understanding and abilities through writing, discussion and/or argumentation. Students complete the following task and problem solve using the cubelets.
- Using a black,grey and clear cubelet how many more driving robots can you make in a non-linear configuration? 10 minutes Suggest other challenges-
Make a robot that is “afraid” and drives away from things
Make a robot that is confused and drives in circles
Make a robot that lets you “use the force” and control it with your hand

Today’s Challenge ____/____/____ Today’s Challenge ____/____/____
Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Enrichment Task



Lesson plan adapted from Modrobotics.com
5E structure
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
STEM club, small group
additional challenges using cubelets and task cards
Materials: Science
Other Items: 1 cubelets set, $330.00 each, total of $330.00