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Think It, Write It, Create It,

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Keywords: Digital Book Creation
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Photography, Reading, Writing, Technology, Social Skills, Art, Spelling, Grammar
Grades K through 5
School: A D Henderson Univ School, Boca Raton, FL
Planned By: Stuart Mears
Original Author: Stuart Mears, Boca Raton
Through the use of digital technology, audio technology, and a child's imagination, digital book collections can be easily created.

Grades: k-5

Subject: Language Arts, Social Studies, Sciencce, Technology, Character Education, Art, and Photography

Time Frame: 2-5 Days

This is a great cross curriculum activity.

Students will learn the value of a job well done through the encouragement of hard work, participation, concentration, and technology.

Children love nothing more than the share their new found knowledge and abilities with others. Think of the excitement when a child from any walk of life participates and contributes to the creation of a digital book to be shared with parents, friends, the school staff, and other viewers of the school website. This is a concept that will improve student behavior and academics through creativity and imagination. The trick is the use of technology.

As a technology instructor, I have yet to experience discipline or behavior problems in my classroom, not because my classroom management skills are so great, not because I am a disciplinarian, not because I teach at an affluent school (my school is very culturally diverse with many socioeconomically challenged students), but because kids love technology. It is through technology that kids can explore, expand, and discover their abilities and creativity. Try this and see the results you get from your students writing and participation in the reading process. Obviously you must gear the level of creativity and difficulty to individual classrooms.

First, the teacher will establish a story line through conversation with the students. Maybe the students are studying a particular species or habitat and would have an interest in creating a story that reflects their newfound knowledge. (The teacher should model how he or she would create a story through the use of brainstorming, character mapping, time lines, and even the use of a favorite story from the past).

After mapping out the story line with your class. You can assign a student or even a few students to each page of the story (primary students would be assigned sentences rather than pages).

Students would then create illustrations that reflect the writing on the page by the use of crayons, markers, crafting materials, glitter, tissue paper, and any other supply that is artistic in nature that would allow each student to express himself/herself.

As a class it is important to read, reread, and edit your work for mistakes in spelling, grammar, and context. Explain that this is the opportunity to make the story better. Improve the story by considering word choice, setting, and appropriate illustrations of the story.

After editing and peer editing, the story is now ready for publishing, the real fun begins.

This is when you may use a variety of digital technology to take this concept to the next level. Scanners, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and music are all great tools to consider for the job.

The teacher will model the use of computer microphones or ipods with an attachable microphone to input the students voice while reading their particular area of responsibility for this book. Then allow the students to participate recording their reading on their own.

The teacher will model the use of digital photography or digital scanners to copy the written and illustrated work of each student page. Then allow each student the chance to use the equipment as well. (Digital cameras tend to be the quickest way to accomplish this action).

Once the audio and illustrations have been saved into a computer, the teacher will then model the use of Microsoft PowerPoint or some other form of presentation program that allows for a slide show and special effect. Students will be encouraged to participate with or without the teacher's supervision depending on the age group and the student's previous computer knowledge.

Once the PowerPoint reflects the correct sequence, and audio recordings to match the appropriate pages in the book, the timing and special effects will be put into place. Student narration can be automatic or set to manual if desired.

Save the file and it's settings and then share with your school, family, and friends.

Your student's WILL be so proud of their knowledge, work, and great sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, this project can easily be made available for all to see on a school website or even district website if so desired.
This project will create a real passion for creativity and reading.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Create digital books on class field trips, digital year book signing, math word problems and solutions digitally for student access on the web, digital poems, and even classroom plays and puppet shows digitally.
Create new chapters for books already created. Students contest to see who can write, illustrate, and ultimately create a digital book (teacher guided) on a experience or trip they took while on a holiday break, a weekend, or spring break. This would be also a great way to have students create digital books on the holidays they celebrate in order to develop awareness for other cultures.
Materials: Slideshow, Word Processor, Social Studies, Science, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot, Timeline
Other Items: 4 Plantronics Supra Monaural Noise Cancelling Headset, $ 72.65 each, total of $290.60
1 Intuos3 A5 USB digital drawing board, $ 350.00 each, total of $350.00
5 Tablets of drawing paper (25 sheet tablets), $ 9.99 each, total of $49.95
30 Crayon box (16 count), $ 1.69 each, total of $50.70
8 Multiple colors of figure paint, $ 6.99 each, total of $55.92
1 External hard drive 320 GB, $ 169.00 each, total of $169.00
30 DVD RW, $ 60.00 each, total of $1800.00
1 Digital camcorder, $ 599.00 each, total of $599.00
1 Digital Scanner, $ 299.00 each, total of $299.00
1 Digital Camera, $ 399.00 each, total of $399.00