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Second Grade Science Textbooks

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Keywords: Cooperative Projects, Publishing, Science, Photography
Subject(s): Photography, Biology, Life Science, English/Language Arts, Science, Chemistry
Grade 2
Original Author: Maryann Molishus, Newtown
The children in my second grade class (about 25 students) will create their own science textbooks. They will be given the opportunity to practice their writing skills, share their science knowledge, and learn about how to create and read textbooks. The textbooks will include three chapters: Chapter One - Science Skills, Chapter Two -Solids and Liquids, Chapter Three - Insects. The textbooks also will include a front and back cover, table of contents, and a glossary.

The children will work in small, cooperative science teams to plan and create their textbooks. One of the roles that the children will share is that of the photographer. The children will be responsible for photographing their group work, projects, materials and specimens, and other images related to their three topics. For example, part of Chapter One discusses the idea that scientists sort and classify things in the world. The children will need to provide examples, through photography and captions, of things scientists observe and classify (clouds, flowers, animals, people, trees, weather, etc.).

The children will need to learn how to operate the cameras. They will need to be able edit and print their photos as appropriate. They will learn how to plan a photography project and what makes a quality photo. The skills they learn during this project can be applied to other academic areas and will help the children learn how to read and learn from textbooks. The project will be engaging and will be especially beneficial to those students who learn best through hands-on, cooperative projects.
This project can be modified for any grade level and subject area.
Materials: Word Processor, Camera Bags, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 1 11x17 cover paper, $13 each, total of $13.00
1 Magenta Printer Cartrige, $12 each, total of $12.00
1 Yellow Printer Cartrige, $12 each, total of $12.00
1 Cyan Printer Cartrige, $12 each, total of $12.00
1 Black Printer Cartrige, $13 each, total of $13.00
1 Additional Camera, $200 each, total of $200.00
1 11x17 colored paper, $13 each, total of $13.00
3 11x17 white paper, $8 each, total of $24.00
10 photo paper, $14 each, total of $140.00
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