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Piet Mondrian Unit

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Keywords: Modern Art
Subject(s): History, Technology, Social Skills, Art, Math
Grades K through 2
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: East Elementary School, Minden, NE
Planned By: liz bloomfield
Original Author: liz bloomfield, Minden
Day 1: Students utilize smart board technology to explore the art of Piet Mondrian in particular his work Composition with red blue and yellow. Students investigate the art work, learn about the artist and are presented with the following challenge: Are you able to fill in a template similar to that of Mondrian using only four colors and never allowing two of the same colored areas to touch? Students finish the day using crayons and attempting to solve the puzzle.

Day 2: Students work in stations practicing using different methods to solve the same problem as was presented the previous meeting. This week the colors mimick Piet Mondrian's work and are limited to Red, Yellow, Blue, and White. Student's are placed in small groups and will rotate around to each station for specified time allotments.
Station 1 - Coloring pages Mondrian style
Station 2 - Legos, create a Mondrian style work using Legos
Station 3 - White boards and markers, draw Mondrian shapes and fill using marker
Station 4 - iPads, play the Mondrian game Red, Yellow, Blue

Day 3: Students will work on TWO projects today.
1.) Begin work on your individual Mondrian style collage. Use colored paper, scissors, and glue to cut out squares and rectangles from Red, Yellow, and Blue paper. Glue the shapes to white paper so that no like-colors touch.
2.) In pairs, students take turns working on a collaborative project. A Hovercam Mini 5 document camera will be placed directly above a large sheet of white paper with black lines which mimick Mondrian's art. Students will work together to add paint to the paper for a specified amount of time. Students will rotate until all have contributed with paint. The video will then be collected and edited to make a stop-motion style video of their work.

Day 4: Students complete their individual work. Each student will cut black paper into strips of various size/length. These strips will be added to their colored shapes. We will discuss three dimentional work and choices of paper sculpture design. The students will then add black strips using folding and gluing to create 3-D lines out from the paper.
Preteaching is required for young students to understand expectations particularly during stations time and transitions.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This unit utilizes early math concepts such as shapes and counting.
Art work should be diplayed following the unit. The students would benefit from watching the movie that they worked on and seeing both their individual and collaborative art presented for display.
Links: Mondrian art
Link to artist information
Materials: Video Tools, Whiteboards
Other Items: 3 iPads or iPad minis, $500 each, total of $1500.00
1 Document Camera - Hovercam Mini 5 document camera , $149 each, total of $149.00