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Save Trees, Use the Mini to Complete Our Assignment!

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Keywords: iPads, CCSS, iPad, etext, ebook, Reading, Missouri, English, mini iPads, Language Arts, Communication Arts, technology, immediate feedback, online program, Pearson, Reading Street, 2nd grade, landfills, mounds, paper, trees, rainforest
Subject(s): Information Skills, Social Studies, Spelling, Technology, Grammar, Science, Writing, Reading, Math, English/Language Arts
Grade 2
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Kingston Primary School, Cadet, MO
Planned By: Tina Gostling
Original Author: Tina Gostling, Cadet
This lesson is for Reading/Language Arts. If granted, we will also use the iPad minis to complete our Math, Science, and Social studies assignments with the use of additional online programs.

-Students will learn and understand that by using technology in the classroom, they will be saving trees from destruction to create our textbooks and workbooks and filling our landfills with mounds of paper.
-With our reading program online, students will have access to the program and will be able to complete assignments directed by the teacher.

National Standards addressed:
CCSS Foundational Skills 3. Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
CCSS Foundational Skills 3.a. Distinguish long and short vowels when reading regularly spelled one-syllable words.
CCSS Writing 5. With guidance and support from adults and peers, focus on a topic and strengthen writing as needed by revising and editing.
CCSS Foundational Skills 3.f. Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.
CCSS Foundational Skills 4. Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.
CCSS Language 1. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
CCSS Language 1.f. Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences (e.g., The boy watched the movie; The little boy watched the movie; The action movie was watched by the little boy).
CCSS Literature 3. Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.
CCSS Literature 6. Acknowledge differences in the points of view of characters, including by speaking in a different voice for each character when reading dialogue aloud.
CCSS Literature 7. Use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.
CCSS Speaking/Listening 1. Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade 2 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups.

Getting Reading to Read:
Unit 1: Discuss the Big Question: What can we learn from exploring new places and things?
Concept Talk: Video of the Question of the Week: What can we learn by exploring different communities?
Oral Vocabulary: Video Sing with Me/Amazing Words Routine
-Academic Vocabulary practice
Phonemic Awareness: Identify and isolate medial short vowel sounds in words.
-Phonics Practice: Read Decodable Reader 1A online Working with the online program that will give immediate feedback to the student.
- Apply knowledge of sound-spellings to decode unknown words when reading.
-Spelling Pretest: Short Vowels and Consonants Working with the online program that will give immediate feedback to the student.

Targeted Resources needed:
-Technology, Mini iPad
-Video, Big Question Video
-Video, Concept Talk Video
-Song, Sing with Me
-Activity, Sound-Spelling Chart
-eText, Decodable eBook
-Reader's and Writer's Notebook ebook
-Activity, Vocabulary Activity ebook
-Activity, Journal: Word Bank ebook
-Main Selection eText

Language Arts:
Conventions: Identify parts of a sentence and use complete sentences.
- Daily Fix-It Working with the online program that will give immediate feedback to the student.

Writing: Personal Narrative
- Generate ideas for a personal narrative. Use a word web to guide students. Working with the online program that will give immediate feedback to the student.

Research and Inquiry: Research Skill: Media Center/Library*
- Apply knowledge of media center to inquiry project.

Lesson Plan for Reading/Language Arts:
1. Students will learn to log on to the Pearson Reading Street reading program by using their given username and password.

2. Students will follow the directions given by the teacher to identify the prepared lesson of the day on the Pearson Reading Street reading program.

3. Students will begin with watching a video that pertains to the current day lesson on the Pearson Reading Street reading program.

4. Students will read the current story for this particular lesson

5. Students will identify the nouns/subject, verb/predicate, adverb, adjectives with in the online worksheet in the Pearson Reading Street reading program.

6. After completing the assignment, students will submit it for scoring by the teacher and/or the Pearson Reading Street reading program.

7. After scoring is completed by the teacher and/or the Pearson Reading Street reading program, students will be able to view immediate feedback on how well they scored on the assignment.

**The Pearson Reading Street reading program has been purchased by the school district. It will not be needed to purchase.
This is my first time posting on Digital Wish. I have tried other online organizations that haven't been successful. I am hoping that someone will be able to fund this so my 2nd graders will learn that others that we don't know want us to be successful in saving trees and landfills.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Each unit of the Pearson Reading Street program consists a week of lessons, story, and assessment on a non-fiction topic. This particular week is concentrated on different areas of the English language, while next week we will be concentrating on the Rainforest and how they are being destroyed.
Creative writing on the aspect of how we are destroying our environment by cutting down trees to create paper for our textbooks and filling our landfills with senseless mounds of paper.

Artistic ability of student creations of a classroom scene where students are using the iPad minis to complete their assignment on the Pearson Reading Street reading program.
Links: http://www.kingston.k12.mo.us/applications/web_cms/index.php?siteid=2
Materials: Printers, Mobile Labs, Bags and Cases, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Math, Elementary, Science, Social Studies, Books, Games, Worksheets, Animation, Video Tools, Internet Services, Student Resources, Assessment, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 5 iGuy Protective Frame for iPad Mini Item #: 5131 GRAPE PURPLE, $29.95 each, total of $149.75
5 Apple iPad Mini 2 Item #: IPADm2-16GB SILVER, $299.00 each, total of $1495.00