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Discovering Strategies to Divide

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Keywords: division, problem solving, critical thinking, flexible strategies
Subject(s): Math
Grade 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Valley Community School, Elgin, IA
Planned By: Amanda Smith
Original Author: Amanda Smith, Elgin
1. Number Talk - Students will engage in a problem appropriate for discovering division strategies in 5th grade: 84/6 (Teacher will ask for answers first and then encourage students to share their strategies. Teacher will not provide feedback but just reiterate thinking of student by writing equations and number sentences.
2. Discovery - Students will be given two story problems:
a. Mrs. Smith took 324 pictures during her trip to Washington D.C. If she has 3 photo albums, about how many pictures will she need to put in each album?

If she wants to divide them evenly, how many will be in each album?
b. Grandma Smith had a jar of pennies that she had been saving for several years. There was _______ worth of pennies in the jar. If she has _____ grandchildren and she wants to give them each the same amount of pennies, how many will each child get? Will she have any left over? How many will she have left over?

$2.75, 8 $32.20, 4 $85.23, 7
3. Whole group processing - After approximately 20 minutes, class will process ways to start each of these problems. Teacher will select 2 -3 strategies that have been selected as teacher goes around observing students. Students will share these pre-selected strategies without sharing solutions.
4. Students will continue to work through problems, providing models, equations, and written justification of work done.
5. Teacher will pull small groups of students using different strategies to talk through work with students.
6. Tenmarks - Students will extend thinking, work through amplifiers to review basic multiplication and division strategies, and/or practice multiplication and division strategies on this computer program designed to focus on a foundation of number sense and flexible thinking.
7. Exit ticket - Students will turn in work and answer to the first division problem given.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Implement principals practiced into school garden, science and robotics units
Continue to extend problem solving and critical thinking with larger number sets and multiple step problems.
Materials: Whiteboards, Elementary
Other Items: 30 Tenmarks Math Program, $20 each, total of $600.00