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Culminating Module Project

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Keywords: Project, Technology, Laptop, Collaboration, English, ELA, Research, Cooperative Learning, Novel, Studies, Essay, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Rubric
Subject(s): Information Skills, Social Skills, Spelling, Technology, Autism, Grammar, Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grade 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: J H Williams Middle School, Abbeville, LA
Planned By: Alicia LaSalle
Original Author: Alicia LaSalle, Abbeville
Now that we have finished the novel, you get to choose a way to express your understanding of a section of the book of your choosing. You will be able to use the mobile laptop lab for research, images, ideas, and writing purposes. These projects are meant to be fun and exciting!

Construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, colored pencils, poster paper/board, mobile laptop lab, Google Classroom (students are familiar with this program), printer/ink, copier paper, flash cards, "Menu Handouts", and a grading rubric.

Bellringer (Day One and used as reference for following days): Students are given the "menu" of project options, as well as the grading rubric to self-assess as they complete their work. They are asked to make their choices and start creating a project-plan.
- (Day One - 1 Hour, 30 Minutes) For project one, they will use their creative and artistic abilities to complete a project. This includes artwork, character profile (poster), rewriting a chapter of the novel, rewriting or adding onto the ending of the novel, and/or creating a visual display of an important part of the novel. Students can create physical representations, or they can create them on the computer and turn them in on Google Classroom. These will be presented.
- (Day Two - 1 Hour, 30 Minutes) For project two, the students will complete a research assignment and create a presentation using Google slides. They can create a presentation on one of the following: setting of the novel, a specific character in the novel, a major event in the novel, and/or the moral or theme of the novel. Students must type a research essay that collects all of the information gathered into a short essay. Students must turn in their presentations on Google Classroom and they will present these, as well.
- (Day Three - 1 Hour, 30 Minutes) For the first 20 minutes of class, students will be allowed to make any final adjustments to their projects, essays, and presentations. To present, the students may use flash cards or print out their information. For the remaining class time, they will be allowed five minutes per student to present their projects.

Exit Ticket (Daily):
What is something you learned while working on this project? What is something you still have questions about?

Standards Addressed:
LA.8.RL, LA.8.RI, LA.8.W, LA.8.SL, LA.8.L

Formal - Final presentation will reflect students' depth of knowledge.
On-Going - Teacher will prompt students throughout the project duration to make sure they understand the assignment and information.

These Chromebooks will be used for a "flipped" classroom. The idea is that by putting their classes online, it will allow for more discussion, projects, hands-on learning, and technology integration.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students will use the technology for assignments that are ELA/Social Studies combined projects.
Self-Assess and Peer-Review projects using an online rubric that can be submitted for each student.
Materials: Mobile Labs, English/Language Arts, Office Suite, Slideshow, Clip Art, Internet Services, Integrating Technology, Autism, Speech and Language
Other Items: 28 Chromebook Laptops, $250 each, total of $7000.00