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La Casa de Mis Sueños/My Dream House

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Keywords: around the house, vocabulary, present tense, gustar, amar, querer, activities, SPANISH, technology in world languages
Subject(s): Geography, Technology, Social Skills, Animation, Speech and Language
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Uwharrie Charter Academy, Asheboro, NC
Planned By: Landy Hilger
Original Author: Landy Hilger, Asheboro
NM.CLL.4.3 Compare the language conventions of the students’ language and the target language.

Duration: 9-12 days

Learner characteristics:
In Spanish I, student acquired basic vocabulary but did not master present tense conjugation of irregular verbs, reverse construction verbs or reflexive verbs. Students also use “to love” to express their likes for objects and activities, which can be confused for Spanish speakers; there are different context and different words to express the same phrase.
How to use Spanishdict.com or student dictionary for context, not direct translation.

Formative and Summative assessments
Formative Assessment: Daily warm ups, daily inquiry, song La Casa de Mis Suenos lyrics and worksheet. YouTube real estate commercials discussions.
Summative Assessment: Quiz on using reverse construction verbs and vocabulary. Presentation of La Casa de Mis Sueños in small groups.

Selected Materials:
Teacher-made Google Slides “Verbs like Gustar”
Teacher-made (adapted from internet) Verbs like Gustar Practice
YouTube video - homes for sale linked to Verbs like Gustar Practice
Teacher-made (adapted from internet) Casa ideal sheet
YouTube video link and lyrics for La Casa de Mis Sueños (with what I have/need, what I want)
Quizlet (teacher-made) vocabulary list for nouns around the house
Rubric for project

Targeted Learning Activities:
Listening: YouTube video describing a house, answer questions based on the videos.
Listening: La Casa de Mis Suenos song with comprehension questions
Writing/Vocabulary: Quizlet list, practice sheet for verbs like gustar, visuals for students to represent each vocabulary concept.
Writing/Speaking: Presenting homes to each other and giving feedback in groups.

Differentiation and Acceleration:
Spanish Duolingo lessons for students that need extra support and practice or students that need to be challenged.

Vocabulary Development (foreign language):
(rooms) sala, salón, aseo, cocina, comedor, estancia, cuarto, habitación, recamara, armario, balcón, jardín, alberca, piscina, garaje, patio, (objects) pared, pasillo, maceta, mesa, lavadora, secadora, lavaplatos, microondas,(adjectives) limpio, sucio, (prepositions/adv/adj) afuera de, adentro de, esquina, centro de, detrás de, enfrente de, a lado de, sobre, cerca de, dirección, (areas) campo de golf, zona rural, urbana, ciudad, campo, (actividades) montar a caballo, andar en bicicleta, pasear el perro, pasar tiempo con.

Technology-based options:
Use Google Slides to create your house, extra points for using hyperlinks and special transitions.
Use Screencastify for Minecraft or other platforms where you can create your dream house.
Use Prezi, Thinglink or any other presentation tool to present your house.
Add music and real photographs giving credit to your sources.

Plan B (if technology is not accessible):
Use magazines to create a collage, use a poster.
Draw/Sketch/Paint your house, make it a work of art.

Culture integrated:
Context of "amo, me gusta, me encanta" (people/commitment, likes, loves objects).

Lesson Implementation:
1. Students review reverse construction verbs and its pronouns (verbs like “gustar”), taking notes if necessary.
2. Students practice using reverse construction verbs while describing a house in a video.
3. Students analyze the activities that they prefer and may want to surround myself with, listen to “La Casa de Mis Sueños” song, brainstorm ideas for my dream house (what I have, what I want).
4. Students practice using reverse construction verbs combining them with different activities, as well as define different contexts of the word “love” (gustar, encantar, amar) in Spanish.
5. Students play Quizlet live with vocabulary to describe a house.
6. Students and teacher go over the rubric for the Dream House project and begin organizing ideas.
7. Students finalize ideas and create a presentation using a tool of their choice (YouTube, Google Slides, Prezi, Minecraft/Screencast, etc.).
8. Students write speaker notes in Spanish to prepare for their presentation.
9. Students practice, practice, practice to get ready for their presentation.
10. Students present and provide feedback to each member: Students write feedback for all participants in the group, we roll a dice to see who will ask a question about the most recent presentation (the sides read: lives closest, has the oldest sibling, etc. in Spanish) for the purpose of the presenter and small audience to carry a conversation.
11. Students provide lesson feedback for the teacher using a Google form.

During the lesson:
-Reflection (what worked, didn’t work, needs to change or add).

After the lesson:
-Student feedback
-Formative assessment impact
-Summative assessment results
-What now?

This lesson was created with flexibility in resources. A mobile lab, additional student devices, presentation web tools and audio/video editing software would add to student creativity in use of technology and equal access to devices.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Geography/Physical science: Describe the physical geography and location of your dream house, explain your decisions.
Technology/Engineering/Environmental Education: How can you make your house "green certified".
Research and describe architectural styles of traditional houses in Spanish-speaking countries, a connection to art and architecture. This is activity serves a transition for the next lesson "Restaurant Grand Opening" in which students study food, art and traditions which are reflected in their restaurant models, menus and videos. See pictures of these projects in the Gallery of Past Projects at www.UCASpanish.Weebly.com.
Links: www.UCASpanish.weebly.com
Materials: Screen Capture, Foreign Language, Mobile Labs, Animation, Video Tools, Sound Libraries, Prof. Dev. Workshops, Integrating Technology, Speech and Language