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Weather Forecast

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Keywords: weather, powerpoint, forecast
Subject(s): Information Skills, Animation, Science, Earth Science
Grades 4 through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Limon School, Limon, CO
Planned By: Cherri Eurich
Original Author: Cherri Eurich, Limon
Daily Science: Weather Weekly 5 Station
Review Weather Power Point: terms, symbols
Go to Weather Channel and view different types of surface maps and current weather conditions.
* Discuss the use of each symbol, what they describe about the weather.

Watch a sample forecast.

Students will then choose groups and research current and future weather forecasts for a city or county and create a 4 day weather forecast on powerpoint.

Hand out rubric: Presentation must be at least 5 slides
Must include: temp (high/lows), fronts, wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure
Slides must be attractive, colorful and easy to read and understand
Music is allowed on beginning slide
Weather vocab and an wording must be spelled correctly (use spell check in power point)
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Biography on Meteorologists, NEWSELA on weather
Peer Assessment of presentation
Keys to presenting
Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, Flash/USB Drives, Science, Elementary, ESL, Slideshow, Clip Art, Animation, Integrating Technology