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Where and When Was That?

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Keywords: Geography, Ancient, Civilizations, Maps, India, Greece, China, Egypt, Rome
Subject(s): History, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Social Skills, Video, Social Studies, Photography, Information Skills, Reading
Grades 6 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Acad for Academic Excellence, Apple Valley, CA
Planned By: Sarah Greif
Original Author: Sarah Greif, Apple Valley
Educators are constantly trying to find new ways for students to gain knowledge in the area of geography. How do we get kids interested in learning where things are and why they are an important part of how civilizations started? This lesson plan provides students with interacting and collaborating with their peers through research and analyzing geographical areas. Students will use Google My Maps to pinpoint important areas of India, China, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. They will learn about major rivers, mountains, valleys, topography, early settlements, oceans, and seas.

Objectives and Goals:
- Students will be able to identify key geographical features during the creation of Ancient Civilizations
- Students will be able to use Google Docs to record important names, details, and important facts.
- Students will be able to create a Google My Map to pinpoint geographical areas in the civilization they
are studying.

Anticipatory Set:
Students will be given a map of (Egypt, India, Greece, China, or Rome). This map will include following directions by coloring areas a certain color, filling out a compass rose, and labeling the countries, rivers, mountains, volcanoes (if there are any), major cities, the Capital, deserts, seas, and oceans. Then they will be given ten questions attached to the map. These questions will require them to use the map to find the answers. This activity map will be used for students to study and quizzed on at the end of the unit. Approximate Time: 45-60 minutes.

Direct Instruction: Approximate Time: One Day
- The teacher will model for the class how to create a Google My Maps. The step by step directions to
refer to will be given to them via Google Mail, or on a shared doc.

Independent Instruction: One/Two Weeks
1. The students will be given a list of important geographical components the teacher wants them to
research about and record important facts. The students will use Google Docs to record their facts. Note: If they are working in groups, this is a good way for the group to add notes onto one document. It also helps them work and collaborate as a team.

2. Then each student/group will create a Google MyMap. They will use a pin for each mountain, river, sea,
settlements, Capital, major cities, lakes, etc., that was required for them to research. Each pin will
include a picture and a paragraph describing each place and what they learned about it.

3. The classroom tables will be set up in groups. The laptops will be open to their maps they have
created. Students will do a gallery walk around the classroom observing the maps.

4. The students will use the maps as a study guide. At the end of the unit, they will be quizzed on the
geography of the country they studied.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Math- students will include a year of when it became a Capital, Major City, or Settlement.
ELA- students will use correct spelling and grammar when writing their paragraphs. Student will also need to be able to write a paragraph for each area. There Google Docs will also include a bibliography using MLA format.
Students can practice using Google MyMaps for further presentations and to use for all countries being studied per unit.
Links: Link to Google My Maps
Link to Google Docs
Link to Google Slides
Materials: Speech and Language, Integrating Technology, Prof. Dev. Workshops, Clip Art, Assessment, Student Resources, Worksheets, Internet Services, Computer Accessories, Projector Screens, Auditorium, Portable, Networked Projectors, Projectors, Short Throw Projectors
Other Items: 30 HP Chromebook Education Edition, $179 each, total of $5370.00